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New Year's Eve Roundup: Akebono vs. Sapp Rematch, KID/Masato Off and More

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For the first time in a while it feels like there is a lot of movement in Japan when it comes to New Year's Eve. Inoki will be holding his annual Inoki Bom Ba Ye event, Nobuyuki Sakikabara has returned with RIZIN FF and there has been talk of TBS's Kyokugen airing a special exhibition bout between KID Yamamoto and MASATO.

The KID Yamamoto vs. Masato bout was lining up to be a bit of a strange one. Kyokugen is not a fight show, in fact, it's just a New Year's Eve variety show, but TBS, remembering the crazy ratings that they got from KID vs. Masato before, were dedicated to trying to rekindle some sort of spark with a rematch of sorts. Of sorts. The bout was originally planned to be an exhibition bout between the two men, most likely happening in a television studio and not in an arena. Oh yeah, and it was scheduled to be one round. There was never going to be a real fight because Yamamoto is under contract to the UFC. But none of that matters now as it looks like the fight is in danger due to KID Yamamoto's chest tattoo. Over the past few years Yamamoto has gone deeper into the realm of tattoos and now has a giant bird and snake on his torso and this is a big deal in Japan. I'm not sure that I get it, either, just make him wear a rash guard. For what it's worth the fight is still listed on TBS's official site.

IGF Inoki Bom Ba Ye will the the standard issue Inoki event that mixes MMA fights with professional wrestling and hopefully he bring in some bigger name kickboxers for pro wrestling like he has in the past. Not that the wrestling is ever good, just that it's a pretty cool spectacle is all. There are currently only two matches on the card thus far, one of which is a pro wrestling match, the other is Shinya Aoki against former K-1 kickboxer Montonha Silva. 

As for RIZIN, man, who even knows. There is so much going on with RIZIN right now and most of it is just crazy. Fedor Emelianenko was originally to fight Jaideep Singh and then we heard that they changed that because fans were upset, then we heard that Jaideep was out of shape anyway, so he couldn't fight. Then it was Tsuyoshi Kosakha, but now TK is fighting someone else instead. 

On the 29th RIZIN will hold an event that supposedly is Sakuraba's retirement (yeah, right). Sakuraba is scheduled to face Shinya Aoki. Tsuyoki Kosakha is scheduled to fight James "The Colossus" Thompson, AJ Matthews against Anatoly Tokov and Yuki Motoya vs. Nam Jin Jo.

The 31st is the big one, though. That is the event that is featuring Fedor Emelianenko against a mysterious question mark, Estonian sumo wrestler Kaido Hoovelson will step into the ring against another set of question marks as well, hoping to usher in a new era of sumo superstardom not seen since Akebono. BJJ dynamo Gabi Garcia makes her MMA debut against professional wrestler Lei'd Tapa and RENA from Shootboxing is scheduled to fight Jleana Valentino.

Just announced today was the rematch to end all rematches in Bob Sapp vs. Akebono. Originally they met at K-1 PREMIUM 2003 Dynamite!! in a bout that saw Sapp take the win during his rise to prominence in Japan. Now, many years later, both men will meet again. This time not in K-1 rules, but instead MMA rules. Yikes.


Oktagon Co-Promoting with Bellator in 2016

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Italian promoter and manager Carlo di Blasi has been a very busy man of late. If you were to look at his plate right now you'd see the recent K-1 Global World Amateurs, GLORY 25 and Venum Victory World Series events. He had a hand in all of those (and the upcoming Venum Victory World Series event as well) and he has shown no signs of stopping yet. The April Oktagon event has been a staple for Italian fans for a while now and this upcoming year will be no different. On April 16th in Torino we'll see the next Oktagon event, for which we can probably expect a big Giorgio Petrosyan fight, but the big news today was that Bellator announced that they will be co-promoting that event with Oktagon.

The card will be a split one, half Bellator, half Oktagon kickboxing, but from what it looks like only the Bellator MMA part will be airing on Spike TV, which is kind of a bummer. Still, di Blasi is hard at work again and this is truly an interesting partnership to look out for in the future.


Venum Victory World Series News: Maria Lobo to Challenge Anissa Peksen

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On Saturday, November 28 in Paris at the Levallois Perret Arena the 28 year old Portuguese Maria Lobo will challenge the champion, Anissa Peksen, at the tournament finals for Venum Victory World Series. 

Mario Lobo from Lisbon, Portugal fights out of Team Dynamite and is coached by Dina Pedro has been a world champion under the Muay Thai WMF banner in 2013 and 2014 and has won world championships under K-1 rules as well. Throughout her 24-fight career she boasts 17 victories, 6 losses and only one draw thus far.

Previously she has fought in other large organizations such as Kunlun Fight and WLF in China, as well as Real Fighter. Her background is primarily in muay thai but she adapted her style towards kickboxing rules in an aggressive manner, making her a force to be reckoned with under any set of rules. This world title fight at Venum Victory World Series in Paris should deliver on action while fans around the world watch this closely-contested battle to see which of the two world class fighters walks out victorious.


Card for W5 Grand Prix in Vienna XXXI

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W5 is set to hold their year-end event on December 5th in Vienna, Austria featuring a great lineup. The card features a one-night tournament at 70kg featuring Cosmo Alexandre vs. Artem Pashporin as well as Chris Ngimbi vs. Evgeniy Kurovskoy. There are two titles on the line as the -67kg European Championship is on the line between Sasa Jovanovic and Rasul Kachakaev, then the -72.gkg Intercontinental Championship is on the line between Foad Sageghi and Massaro Glunder.

Don't miss it.

Alexander Kotov vs. Zekria Rezai 

Adil Osmani vs. Giorgi Bazanov 

Karin Mabrouk vs. Henry Banner 

Hekuran Avdylai  vs. Patryk Sztorc 

Vladislav Tuinov vs. Besnik Limani 

Tournament: Cosmo Alexandre vs. Artem Pashporin 

Tournament: Chris Ngimbi vs. Evgeniy Kurovskoy 

Tournament Finals: X vs. X

W5 -67kg European Championship: Sasa Jovanovic vs. Rasul Kachakaev 

W5 -72.5kg European Championship: Foad Sadeghi vs. Massaro Glunder 


Kunlun Books Sitthichai vs. Yodsanklai for December

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Fans of Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong know that not only has Sitthichai been competing in the GLORY ring, but he's also been competing in China's premier kickboxing league in Kunlun. Under the Kunlun banner Sitthichai has wins over both Murthel Groenhart and Andy Souwer. While his last fight may have been disappointing against Robin van Roosmalen, his next fight is nothing short of a dream match for fans of kickboxing and muay thai.

That fight is against Yodsanklai Fairtex. 

While the big fight that everyone has wanted may be Buakaw Banchamek vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex, Buakaw's management and those in control of his career seem to be doing everything in their power to ensure that fight won't happen. At this point that is just a reality that fans will have to face. But Yodsanklai vs. Sitthichai? That's a big fight and one that fans should be over-the-moon about. 

Here's what the entire card looks like this far, from Kiksie.

Tournament Semifinal #1 - 80kg

Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine) vs. Dmitry Valent (Belarus)

Tournament Semifinal #2 - 80kg

Bai Jinbin (China) vs. Arthit Hanchana (Thailand)

Middleweight World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal #1 – 70kg

Kong Lingfeng (China) vs. Victor Nagbe (Australia)

Middleweight World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal #2 – 70kg

Zhang Chunyu (China) vs. Superbon Banchamek (Thailand)

Middleweight World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal #3 – 70kg

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (Thailand) vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex (Thailand)

Middleweight World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal #4 – 70kg

Davit Kiria (Georgia) vs. Enriko Gogokhia (Ukraine)


Badr Hari Announces Retirement

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If today wasn't crazy enough, right? 

Badr Hari posted on social media yesterday that he was going to shock the world today and after losing a long legal battle in the Netherlands last week it appears that Badr Hari is ready to hang up the gloves after one last fight. Hari's announced retirement comes in the face of an increasingly difficult market for freelance fighters like Hari. To get the money that he's been asking for he's been forced to fight on the fringes in bigger shows organized primarily with him as the sole focus, but that has come at a cost of public image. Badr Hari's only truly relevant opponent in the past few years has been Ismael Londt, with Londt dropping Hari once before Hari recovered and knocked him out. 

Facing more jail time and a difficulty finding fights this seems like the right move for the Moroccan, who claims that he wants to have one last fight this year and for it to take place in his home country of Morocco. Hari said today that he would like to retire to spend more time with his young daughter. [source]


New Year's Eve Just Got Real: Masato vs. KID Yamamoto Rematch

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Rizin FF on New Year's Eve has had the eyes of the MMA world since they first announced their event, being headlined by Fedor Emelianenko on New Year's Eve. While that is, indeed, a huge deal, what was announced today has a direct impact on the Japanese audiences by putting together one of the biggest fights that you could put together in Japan. That fight is KID Yamamoto vs. Masato in a 5 round kickboxing fight under the banner of KYOKUGEN on TBS.

One night only.

KID Yamamoto, who is currently under contract to Zuffa/UFC, will be allowed to participate in this event under some strange act of god, while Masato has agreed to return to the ring one last time against KID Yamamoto, whom he defeated in 2004 at Dynamite!! in a three-round kickboxing bout. Let's just hope there isn't a crazy low blow this time. [source]


Enfusion Live 33 Card for November 7th

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This card, like always, will be streaming on, but on a slight delay of November 10th.

Enfusion Live #33 Martigny, Switzerland 7.11.2015

Local start time 22.30 (21.30GMT) 

1. 3X3     -61Kg 

Janique Avanthay (Switzerland) Vs Amandine Falck (France)

2. 3X3     -75Kg

Shkodan Veseli (Albania) Vs Adelino Boa Morte (Portugal)

3. 3X3     -85Kg

Ulrik Bokeme (Congo) Vs Cheick Sibide (France) 

4. 3X3     -72.5Kg

Pedro Barros (Switzerland) Vs Andriy Unhuryan (Russia)

5. 3X3     -70Kg

Christophe Pruvost (Switzerland) Vs Jonay Risco (Spain)

6. 5X3     -75Kg

Rafael llodra (France)  Vs  Diogo Calado (Portugal)

Enfusion World Title -75Kg


Card Set For SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final

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On Saturday, November 7th SuperKombat returns with the SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final event, which will be taking place in Romania. The tournament for the evening is a heavyweight one featuring a few fine up-and-comers in the heavyweight division, including the much-hyped Roman Kriklya.  The big bout of the evening will be Andrei Stoica defending his SuperKombat Super Cruiserweight title against Loren Jorge in what is being billed as a grudge match.

This will not be the final SuperKombat show of the year, though, as they will be holding another event on December 12th in Turin, Italy. The event will take place inside of a cage with fights from both Catalin Morosanu and Raul Catinas on the lineup. 

SUPERKOMBAT NEW HEROES (18:30 CET, live on Fight Box)

1. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Nikola Cimesa (Serbia) vs Robert Stoica (Romania)

2. Super Fight - Cruiserweight bout (-92 kg)

Sebastian Cozmânca (Romania) vs Cosmin Ionescu (Romania)

3. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-81 kg)

Dumitru Topai (Romania) vs Alexandru Nedelcu (Romania)

4. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)

Dimitris Chiotis (Greece) vs Ionut Stanciu (Romania)

5. Super Fight - Lightweight bout (-63,5 kg)

TBA vs Cristi Spetcu (Romania)

6. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Rafal Dudek (Poland) vs Cristi Milea (Romania)


1. Heavyweight tournament - Semifinal 1 - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Roman Kriklya (Ukraine) vs Ivan Pavle (Slovakia)

2.Heavyweight tournament - Semifinal 2 - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Tarik Khbabez (Morocco) vs Nicolas Wamba (France)

3. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)

Marios Blanas (Greece) vs Bogdan Nastase (Romania)

4. Super Fight - Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Mika Tahitu (Netherlands) vs Claudiu Badoi (Romania)

5. Super Fight - Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-86 kg)

Noureddine Echiguer (Morocco) vs Alexandru Negrea (Romania)

6. Heavyweight tournament - Final - Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Winner of Semifinal 1 vs Winner of Semifinal 2

7. Superkombat world title - Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)

Jorge Loren (Spain) vs Andrei Stoica (Romania)


Badr Hari Sentenced to Two Years in Koen Everink Case

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Has justice finally been served in the case of Badr Hari's beatdown of Koen Everink? That is open to interpretation, but today it looks like we've finally gotten some closure on this ongoing case that has already seen Badr serve nine months in prison for. Today a judge decided that Badr Hari would serve a two year prison sentence, with a ten month suspended sentence.

What that means is that Badr Hari has five months of jail time left before he can move on with his life, as well as a fine of 37.000 Euros (around $40,000) to pay for the damages incurred in the assault. The court ruled that the claim that it was an "accident" was ridiculous considering Badr is a professional athlete competing in combat sports. He needs to understand that his actions have consequences and that the average person is not able to take the kind of damage that a professional fighter can. [source]


RUMOR: Andy Souwer vs. Jienotsu Nagashima in MMA Rules Set for Rizin on NYE

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The news of the return of Sakakibara to MMA on New Year's Eve has the entire combat sports world abuzz, especially for the return of Fedor Emelianenko that same night against an opponent that was originally slated to be Jaideep Singh, but has apparently changed to TBA. The kickboxing world will be represented in this show, with there being talk of there being a kickboxing portion of the event, as well as involvement from some of the biggest names in professional kickboxing under MMA rules, with RENA from Shoot Boxing the first name tossed into the hat. 

The latest addition to this is K-1 MAX veteran Andy Souwer will finally make his MMA debut after years of anticipation and it will be against another K-1 MAX star in Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima. Nagashima is no stranger to New Year's Eve spectacles, including a mixed-rules bout between himself and Shinya Aoki that saw a mix of kickboxing and MMA rounds. 

Souwer is still considered a legend in Japan and while he hasn't been competing there as often will still be fresh in the memories of fans for his past NYE appearances, including Masato's epic retirement bout in 2009.

Edit: Souwer's manager later made a statement to Round1Network claiming that he misspoke about this news. We'll consider this a strong rumor for now because, really, who even has an opponent lined up without there being strong talks?


Jorge Loren on Tap for Andrei Stoica in Grudge Match at SuperKombat WGP Final

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On Saturday November 7th SuperKombat returns to Bucharest, Romania with the SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final. This weekend SuperKombat announced the bombshell of a main event for the event in Andrei Stoica defending the SuperKombat Super Cruiserweight Championship against Jorge Loren. Loren was able to defeat Andrei's brother, Bogdan, last year, making this a grudge match of sorts between the two men. 

Stoica is riding on an eight fight win streak heading into this battle with Loren, while Loren's last outing was just a matter of days ago at WFL's Unfinished Business where he was in a one-night tournament, defeating Reduoan Cairo in the first round of the tournament only to lost to Luis Tavares in the next round of the tournament. This is a pretty quick turnaround for Loren, but hopefully he'll be at his best against Stoica.

More on this card when it's available.


Quick Update on Venum Victory World Series in Panama

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Venum Victory World Series is set to stage another big event today in Panama, getting underway in just a matter of moments, but it turns out there was a last minute change to the card. Attached below is the press statement released this afternoon.


News last time a few hours before the gala "Venum Victory World Series" expected tonight in Panama City; the Argentine fighter Nicolas Ryske has suffered a sudden illness had to cut weight and has not been allowed to compete by the doctor, and in its place is taken over by the Mexican Richard Cruz, who will challenge the French Kader El Khaamouchi in the semifinals of "Dragons Tournament" in the category of -72 kg.

Richard "The Scorpion" Cruz, Team Thai Boxing Camps of Mexico City, is the Muay Thai kickboxing and has established itself in boasting a score of 21 matches with 17 wins and 4 losses.

A real “coup de theater”, which however does not affect this stage of the prestigious tournament, in fact adds extra suspense pending the the ring to speak.


WFL Featuring Chahid vs. Khamal II This Weekend in the Netherlands

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When reflecting on the history of Dutch kickboxing it is impossible to not look at the legends that have come from the Netherlands. Equally impossible is to not see all of the great fights that have happened because of those great fighters. But there is one fight that stands out that took place in Amsterdam that fans still talk about, perhaps one of the greatest fights to come from It's Showtime and that fight was Chahid vs. Khamal.

The fight happened back in 2010 in one of the rare Amsterdam appearances of the promotion and that fight delivered. Now over five years later World Fighting League will be running the rematch in the Netherlands. The event will be eventually broadcast on Eurosport so hopefully there is footage sooner rather than later.


Light Heavyweight Tournament [95kg]

- Fred Sikking

- Michael Duut

- Redouan Cairo

- Loren Javier Jorge


Lightweight Tournament [70kg]

- Cedric Manhoef

- Mohammed el Messaoudi

- Edson Fortes

- Tayfun Ozcan


Women's Tournament [61kg]

- Sarah Debaieb

- Orinta van der Zee

- Ilona Wijmans

- Salaysa van den Bos



Ibrahim El Bouni VS Bogdan Stoica

Kevin Hessling VS William Diender

Ertugrul Bayrak VS Geronimo de Groot

Santino Verbeek VS Dennis Ipema

Errol Koning VS Jeremy Blijd

Mohammed Khamal VS Chahid Oulad El Hadj II


Kunlun Fight 32 Full Card

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Kunlun Fight is once again giving top fighters a chance to stay active and fight often by putting shows on almost every second weekend. On October 28th in Hai Zhou, China Davit Kiria will face David Calvo as part of the 16 man 70kgs tournament. Also Buakaw Banchamek will be facing Hui Gu as a super fight, but I do wish this was part of the 70kgs tournament.


Card for Venum Victory World Series Panama

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On October 24th Venum Victory World Series returns with another night of big fights, this time in Panama City. The big fight of the night will be Armen Petrosyan vs. Luis Castaneda, but there will also be two tournaments, one at -95kg and one at -72.5kg. The -95kg tournament features Claudio Istrate vs. Lucas Alsina and Rafael de Souza vs. Sergio Pique. The -72.5kg tournament features Li Zikai vs. Nicolas Ryske and Mohamed El Mir vs. Ian Alexander. 


Shootboxing Star RENA Fighting MMA at Rizin on New Year's Eve

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Photo (C) SportsNavi

Everyone has been waiting with baited breath for more information on Sakakibara's latest venture into the world of MMA after the untimely death of PRIDE FC. Well, we at least have a name now as well as a few other details. The name of this promotion will be Rizin Fighting Federation, or Rizin FF. The show on New Year's Eve will be the Rizin Fighting World Grand-Prix 2015 and while the main even will be Fedor Emelianenko vs. Jaideep "Heart" Singh, the card will also feature BJJ competitor Gabby Garcia, Shinya Aoki vs. Kazushi Sakuraba and female Shootboxing superstar RENA.

That's right, RENA. 

For a long time now RENA (Rena Kubota) has been one of Shootboxing's biggest stars. Shootboxing itself is not exactly huge in Japan, but has a good following and RENA often appears on mainstream Japanese television. Apparently she is MMA-bound now, making her MMA debut this December at Rizin against an unnamed opponent. What is fascinating about this is that RENA could be a huge, huge breakout star in Japan beyond where she is now. Shootboxing is just, well, a bit weird and might never be more than a niche sport. MMA has proven to be a sport that fans can get behind and with her innate starpower on this show it could mean big things for both Rizin and herself.

More when we have it.


Card for This Weekend's Enfusion 32

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This Saturday in Belgium Enfusion Live presents their 32nd event, headlined by Nordin Ben Moh vs. Sergio Sanchez. This is looking to be one of Enfusion's better cards of the year, featuring a 61kg title fight between Anke Van Gestel and Aleide Lawant. Brice Guidon returns to action against Dexter Suisse, Mohammed Jaraya takes on Youssef Boulahtari, Ilias Bulaid fihgts David Mejia and Hafid El Boustati takes on Harut Grigorian.

Enfusion Live #32 Gent, Belgium Saturday 10.10.2015
21.00 Local start time (19.00 GMT)
Watch Live
If you live in the following countries the stream will be blocked due to your broadcaster showing Enfusion Live soon... Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Belgium
1. 3X3 -70Kg
Hafid El Boustati (Morocco) Vs Harut Grigorian (Armenia)
2. 3X3 -67 Kg
Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs David Mejia (Spain)
3. 3X3 -70Kg
Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) Vs Youssef Boulahtari (Belgium)
Dexter Suisse (The Netherlands) Vs Brice Guidon (France)
Anke Van Gestel (Belguim) Vs Aleide Lawant (The Netherlands)
6. 3X3 -70Kg 
Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) Vs Sergio Sanchez (Spain)


Singh Jaideep Wins (Loses) Fedor Lottery on New Year's Eve

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New Year's Eve in Japan wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a freakshow here and there. For fans salivating at the idea of a brutal squash match your prayers have been answered by the way of Fedor Emelianenko's opponent on New Year's Eve being a former K-1 and GLORY competitor in Jaideep "Heart" Singh. Jaideep, hailing from India, has seen a deal of success competing as a heavyweight in Japan's rather lacking heavyweight kickboxing scene over the years. 

In 2009 he got the call to fight for K-1, winning his first K-1 tournament by the way of a qualifying tournament in South Korea. Jaideep did see some success beyond that, but whenever he was called up to fight the bigger names he seemed to be coming up just a bit short. His losses include Gokhan Saki, Ewerton Teixeira, Ismael Londt and Daniel Sam. That isn't to say that his career was all rain and gloom, though. Wins over Hiromi Amada, Raomaru and a knockout win over Sergei Kharitonov are easily his career highlights.

In 2013 he fought a lone MMA fight under the Super Fight League banner in India scoring a TKO victory over Alireza Tavak. On New Year's Eve Jaideep will step into the ring for his second professional MMA bout against the Last Emperor himself, Fedor Emelianenko. If it doesn't seem fair to pit a relative newcomer to MMA against someone like Fedor it probably isn't, but Emelianenko is returning after three years away from the ring due to his retirement and it would be foolish to expect him to be returning and fighting the best that there are in the world right now, if ever again. 

Fedor Emelianenko needs to prove himself to no one at this point, nor should he ever in the future. If the man wants to get paid, the man should get paid. As for Jaideep, well, this would be a big win for him. Nobody will hold that loss against him and it's not like his career is exactly booming at the moment anyway.

Jaideep has done the impossible before, though, folks.


World Fight Tour Holding 63kg Tournament in Spain This October

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On October 17th in Spain World Fight Tour is set to hold a 63kg tournament, the winner walking away with 7000 euros. The tournament participants are mainly up-and-comers from Spain and Europe that are looking to make a name for themselves in one of kickboxing's more competitive divisions. 

  • Sergio Cabezas (El Origen-Thaimartín)
  • Asier Iglesias (Kanku-Eguzkiza)
  • Antonio Jesús Ponce (RR Team Córdoba)
  • Fajardín Krarma (Ronin-Saturfight club)
  • Cristian Barrionuevo (UFM Combat Mallorca)
  • Daniel Botella (Muay Combat Novelda)
  • Juan Martos (Club Campió Barcelona)
  • Soufian Ben Zerrouk (Internacional Gym Canovellas)

You can check out the rest of the card on their website.


Card for SuperKombat WGP Final Elimination on Oct. 2nd

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On October 2nd in Milan, Italy SuperKombat returns with their World Grand Prix Final Elimination event, airing live on EuroSport. As always there will be a New Heroes event serving as the undercard featuring some up-and-comers. The real meat of the event happens on the main card that sees a main event between Catalin Morosanu vs. Tomasz Czerwinski. Both Stoica brothers will be in action as will Amansio Paraschiv.

Raul Catinas was originally scheduled to fight Rustemi Kreshnik on this card but due to an injury to Kreshnik that fight has been pushed back to the November WGP Finals event. Look for more on the event as it approaches.

SUPERKOMBAT NEW HEROES (18:00 CET, live on Fight Box)

1. Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Claudio Istrate (Italy) vs Gianfranco Bianchi (Italy)

2. Middleweight bout (-67 kg)

Madalin Craciunica (Romania) vs Rahim Moutarrik (Switzerland)

3. Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Eduard Chelariu (Romania) vs Ovidio Mihali (Italy)

4. Light Heavyweight Plus bout (-86 kg)

Dumitru Topai (Romania) vs Winner of Dutch Eliminator Fight

5. WTKA title - Lightweight bout (-65 kg)

Cristiana Stancu (Romania) vs Irene Martens (Italy) 

6. Light Heavyweight (-81 kg)

Matt Murdoch (Great Britain) vs Remus Cretan (Italy)

7. WTKA world title - Lightweight bout (-63,5 kg)

Amed West (Morocco) vs Cristi Spetcu (Romania) 


1. Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)

Alexandru Negrea (Romania) vs Winner of Dutch Eliminator Fight

2. Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)

Atakan Arslan (Turkey) vs Giuseppe de Domenico (Italy)

3. Cruiserweight bout (-92 kg)

Patrick Veenstra (Netherlands) vs Bogdan Stoica (Romania)

4. Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Giannis Skordilis (Greece) vs Amansio Paraschiv (Romania)

5. Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)

Pavel Voronin (Moldova) vs Andrei Stoica (Romania)

6. Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Tomasz Czerwinski (Poland) vs Catalin Morosanu (Romania)


Dynamite Concept a Flop - Kickboxing Treated Like MMA's Little Brother

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Tonight's Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1 was a bit of a strange night, to say the least. Dynamite was billed as a hybrid show being thrown by Scott Coker, the brainchild of the former K-1 and Strikeforce promoter. Dynamite was the culmination of his vision to bring that Japanese feel into the world of American combat sports. The problems started mounting almost immediately, even before the show was announced.

Rumors flew that Coker wanted it to include kickboxing, but that GLORY's name was not in the equation until pretty late in the planning of the event. The question was why would Scott Coker want to run his own kickboxing fights when he is in charge of Bellator, Spike TV's MMA promotion? Using GLORY's roster, production, brand and identity for the show made a whole lot of sense, so by the time the show was unveiled it was going to be a huge Bellator event featuring GLORY kickboxing.

Many fans saw this as GLORY's chance at being in front of a huge audience on Spike TV. Bellator's ratings have been increasing since Coker took the wheel and started promoting shows that were more his style, so some of that Midas Touch could wear off on GLORY, right? As the event approached it appeared that GLORY's role in the event would indeed be lesser than imagined. Their name wasn't attached to the event, as Bellator's staff was quick to correct, the event was Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1, not Bellator and GLORY: Dynamite or any other derivative of that. 

The event was going to be loaded with Bellator MMA fights, too. A one-night Light Heavyweight tournament, a Light Heavyweight Championship bout, even the debut of former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Josh Thomson. GLORY was going to get four slots to fill, which seemed fair. Joe Schilling's name was originally attached to the event, but the knockout from a few months back and subsequent suspension saw that go up in flames, but at least Bellator was loaning Paul Daley to GLORY for the night, right?

Wrong. Paul Daley would be fighting another Bellator fighter by the way of Fernando Gonzalez. Gonzalez is not a kickboxer, but instead a Bellator welterweight. In fact, the only fight that was actually booked by GLORY involving GLORY opponents on the entire main card was the Light Heavyweight Championship bout between Zack Mwekassa and Saulo Cavalari. The other "GLORY kickboxing fight" that would air would be Bellator's new signee in Keri Melendez against a 1-4 MMA fighter named Hadley Griffith. If it feels like a stretch to blame GLORY for this fight you are probably connecting the right dots.

The undercard saw TJ Arcangel vs. Jose Palacios, a fight which was planned before GLORY's involvement, then Serhiy Adamchuk vs. Anyar Boynazarov, originally supposed to be a main card fight of Adamchuk vs. Varga until Varga had to pull out due to injury.

What's clear is that both Bellator and GLORY didn't exactly mesh well together. Bellator was protective of the card being their show and GLORY was trying to protect the integrity of their own brand and put on a strong showing on their biggest platform. Instead what we got was everything feeling half-cocked. We got two Bellator fights contested under GLORY rules and we got a GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship fight that saw MMA fans turning their noses up at the prospect of having to sit through it for who knows what reason. All of this happened without a single advertisement or mention of GLORY 24 outside of from the lips of Mauro Ranallo and Stephan Quadros.

That fun feel of kickboxing vs. MMA that happened at Dynamite shows of the past was missing in a big way here. Opportunities were seemingly boundless for interpromotional fights. Paul Daley and Nieky Holzken even worked social media angles against each other hyping up a potential fight, only for that fight to never amount to much because one promotion would end up "losing." The final result was the fans lost and the sport of kickboxing was treated like an afterthought. 

MMA sites everywhere are tsking and shaking their heads at how GLORY could fumble such an opportunity, or dismissing them entirely after the show. I find it hard to really point the finger at GLORY for what was essentially one fight that they presented on the main card. Their only crime was wanting to show their product to the world, which in the end was not what happened. No one can really walk away happy from this show. The concept of the Dynamite show might have felt special and different at the time, but this was not the caliber of show that anyone was expecting, nor did it even attempt to deliver on that level. Instead it gave everyone a little bit of what they might want and a whole lot of what they didn't want.

Kickboxing deserves so much better than this.


Spike TV Announces Fedor Emelianenko Fighting on New Year's Eve

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The Fedor Emelianenko lottery is over and it was won by none other than Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Yeah, you read that correctly. The UFC didn't secure Fedor, nor did Bellator. Oh no, instead former PRIDE boss Sakakibara has won the Fedor lottery and is starting his own promotion. That promotion will kick off on New Year's Eve in Japan and guess what? They are teaming up with Scott Coker for this and it'll air on Spike TV. 

There have been rumors flying around about Coker teaming up with Sakakibara for a huge Japanese event and for once these rumors delivered. If this feels strange to you, it is. Sakakibara was exiled from the world of combat sports after the PRIDE yakuza scandal that led to the promotion's demise, yet, here he is again. I'm waiting for Kazuyoshi Ishii to jump out next and start up a new kickboxing promotion any day now. I should note that K-1 Japan does have a press conference scheduled for early this coming week and the buzz is that they have a broadcast television deal. Don't get excited yet, though.


Dynamite 1 Preview: The Left Hook of Paul Daley

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On Saturday night in San Jose GLORY and Bellator MMA will be bringing us a jam-packed night of fights on Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1. While the kickboxing offering is paltry in comparison to the MMA portion of the show, what's being offered is still some really, really good stuff. Paul Daley is best known for his time in the cage as a Mixed Martial Artist, perhaps mostly for his UFC run that ended with a punch after the bell on Josh Koscheck after a heated rivalry led to a frustrating fight for both men.

Daley rebuilt his name and legacy after he was kicked out of the UFC and a part of that was his absolutely incredible run in kickboxing in 2014. That run included six victories in the kickboxing ring with an astounding five TKO victories. Oh yeah, and those victories came against some of the best fighters at his weight class in the world, too. Daley is a fine fighter, a bit limited when it comes to the kicking department but his hands more than make up for it. 

This Saturday at Bellator MMA Dynamite 1 he faces an outmatched Fernando Gonzalez. I'm not going to sugar coat how difficult of a task this fight will be for Gonzalez, but I'm also not going to count him out, either. When he entered Bellator he was outmatched in his first few fights and not only found a way to win, but did so in a decisive fashion. He's a skilled professional and while he might not be as skilled as Daley with his stand up game, as we've seen in the past anything can happen inside of a ring. Daley's defense is good, but he still gets hit, which could spell trouble against an opponent of any caliber. 

The greatest weapon that Paul Daley possesses would have to be that crazy left hook, though. That left hook has spelled disaster for just about anyone who has been hit by it, which includes some of the modern greats in kickboxing. Want proof? Ask Alexander Stetsurenko.

How about Miran Fabjan?

Even Alexander Surzhko went down to Paul Daley's left hook. This is just in kickboxing, too. That left hook is just as deadly in MMA with those little gloves as it is in kickboxing. On Saturday night kickboxing fans will be in for a treat. While it may not be clear if Daley will ever fight in kickboxing again afterwards, or if we'll ever get that dream bout of Nieky Holzken vs. Paul Daley, but we can dream. At the very least we'll be treated to some top-notch violence on Saturday night, which is why we all watch in the first place, right?


Legacy Running Mixed Kickboxing/MMA Event on November 13th

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Legacy Fighting Championship, the promotions behind Legacy Kickboxing events that have been airing on AXS TV this year have announced that on November 13th at LEGACY 48 they will run a co-branded show as both Legacy FC and LK. The event will feature the finals of their light heavyweight kickboxing tournament as well as a few feature MMA bouts on top of that.

The kickboxing card is as such;

Reserve Bout: Chris Trammel vs. Matt Baker

Tournament: Brian Colette vs. Manny Mancha 

Tournament: Myron Dennis vs. Andres Can Engelen

Tournament Finals

The show will be headlined by the Legacy FC Middleweight Champion Leonardo Leite vs. Ryan Spann.


Badr Hari Facing Possible 3-Year Sentence in 2012 Assault Case

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Badr Hari's assault case from 2012 just seems like it won't go away. 

Initially sentenced to a year and a half in prison with six months suspended both Hari and the prosecutor appealed the verdict, which means that Badr's case is once again in the public eye. Badr Hari issued a public apology to Koen Everink in regards to the assault in 2012 that left the Dutch businessman with an ankle and skull injury. The statement that he issued to Everink was hopeful, possibly looking for the case to just be dropped.

“I find it sad to hear what you have to experience. As a sportsman, I understand how much you must suffer as a result. I should never have thrown that punch. I hope that we will again be able to sit with each other and shake hands.”

Everink and the Public Prosecutor have claimed that the apology just isn't enough, with the prosecution looking for a three-year unconditional sentence that would see Hari serve his full term in prison unlike the previous sentence. Everink cited that he's lost about 20% of his mobility and hasn't been able to play football anymore or enjoy many of his regular activities since the attack. Also noted was that Hari has never reached out to him outside of the legal system with an apology or attempt at compensation for the medical bills and damages. [source]


Card for Enfusion 31

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On Saturday in Spain Enfusion will hold their 31st event, featuring another one-night 70kg tournament featuring Adam Martins, Philippe Salmon, Beau Superpro Samui and Christopher Mena. On top of that the Enfusion 72.5kg World Title will be on the line between Tayfun Ozcan and Fran Pelenzuela.

Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015 
Local start Time 22.00

Venue Address:
Avenida la moraleda s/n 29679 benahavis

1.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70Kg

Adam Martins (Spain) Vs Philippe Salmon (France)

2.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70 Kg 

Christopher Mena (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)

3.3X3 -75Kg

Ruben Lee (Spain) Vs Gil Silva (Portugal)

4.3X3 -57Kg 

Estela Garcia (Spain) Vs Victoria Lomax (England)

5.3X3 -60Kg 

Nicolás Gaffie (Spain) Vs Wadii kadiri (Morocco)

6. 3X3 Tournament Final -70Kg

Winner Fight 1 Vs Winner fight 2

7. 5X3 Enfusion World Title -72.5Kg 

Fran Palenzuela (Spain) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)


Melvin Manhoef vs. Hisaki Kato at Bellator 146

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For the past few months there has been talk about Melvin Manhoef retiring from combat sports, in fact, it was going to happen on a Manhoef-promoted show until any mention of that kind of disappeared. Now we know why. Bellator has decided to bring back the ever-entertaining striker for Bellator 146. His opponent? None other than the man who recently shocked the world by knocking Joe Schilling out, Hisaki Kato. 

Kato made his Bellator debut at Bellator 139 against Joe Schilling in a bout many saw Schilling winning only for Kato to score a dramatic knockout to secure the win. Manhoef was holding his own against Schilling in his last Bellator appearance until Schilling came back and scored a pretty crazy knockout. For Manhoef he can get some form of redemption while Kato can once again prove that he can hang with the elite strikers in the middleweight division.


GFC Fight Series 4 Most Likely Canceled

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What happens to a promotion that was having trouble attracting fans to the arena to watch Badr Hari and Gokhan Saki when they book an event without either fighter? The answer seems to be putting together a show that will never happen. GFC was set to hold GFC Fight Series 4 where they'd hold another 4-man heavyweight tournament where the winner would filter into a larger heavyweight tournament.

When it comes to star power this show was indeed lacking with James McSweeney of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights fame being the biggest name on the card. According to McSweeney's facebook things have seemingly gone south for the promotion in regards to this event and it has been canceled. McSweeney seems rather upset.

Ok so yesterday I get a phone call from a @theofficialgfc employee telling me that Gfc have had some problems regarding the fight show on September 18th just under two weeks away, and the have made the decision to cancel the whole event! So all is fighters on the show have trained and dedicated are lives, dieting, training, sparring for the past 8/10 weeks getting ready for this event for it to be cancled last minute, this is not the first time this event has been cancled the last show they were ment to put on got cancled also. I am extremely sorry if you have already bought and paid for your tickets, I have friends and family that already bought airline and hotel tickets to Dubai from the UK!!!! I have tried numerous times and ways to contact the CEO Prince Amir but he is not returning my calls or messages. NOW we will see if this company respects fighters or not? If they PAY the fighters? I have put $1000s into my camp getting ready for this tournament, flights for my coaches frm holland hotels, food, nutrition , the list goes on.......... Now let's see what they do???? What do you the fans think???

By the looks of it another upstart kickboxing promotion has bit the dust, one of the many in recent years. While GFC could still get their act together in the future, their events have been plagued by uncertainty from the start. 



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