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Rise 100 - Blade 0 - Results and Videos

  • Published in Asia

The only way to watch this event was to be there in person, it will not be released online or on TV until August, but we found some videos and a few of the results. Andy Souwer beat Kido again, this time in the extra round, they both received yellow cards, and even a red cards during the fight, for what we think was holding, but we aren't positive and even Souwer himself wasn't sure. Nagashima got DQ'd for catching the leg and administering an illegal sweep from which Zanolini could not continue.

Here are the main fight results, we will update more as we receive them. 

Andy Souwer VS Yasuhiro Kido - WINNER: Andy Souwer (Decision Extra Round.)

Danilo Zanolini VS Nagashima Jienotsu Yuichirou  - WINNER Danilo Zanolini (Disqualification)

Samo Petje VS Hinata - WINNER Samo Petje (KO 2nd Round)

Murat Aygun VS Raomaru - WINNER Murat Aygun (KO 1st Round)

Zelg "Benkei" Galesic VS Uehara Makoto - WINNER Uehara Makoto (KO 1st Round)

Geo Fairtex VS Komiyama Kousuke - WINNER Geo Fairtex (Decision)

Andy Souwer Vs Yasuhiro Kido

Geo Fairtex VS Komiyama Kousuke

Danilo Zanolini VS Nagashima Jienotsu Yuichirou


RISE Holding Heavyweight Tournament Featuring Stefan Leko and Mighty Mo

  • Published in K-1

LekoJapan's RISE organization, one of the smaller kickboxing organizations that is known to work with K-1 and serve as one of their "feeder" organizations, much like KRUSH. RISE will be putting on an 8-man Heavyweight Tournament on November 23 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. On their most recent show they held two qualifying bouts for the tournament, where Japanese kickboxing mainstay Hiromi Amada advanced as did Fabiano Cyclone.

The big story is that K-1 is sending in the big guns for this tournament, as they have sent American fighter Mighty Mo and the legendary Stefan Leko to participate in this tournament.

RISE will be holding more qualifying bouts on September 23. [source]


Rise 100 - Blade 0 - Fight Card

  • Published in Kickboxing

Rise 100 - Blade 0 - event will be taking place July 12 at the Ota City General Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. There are some big names on the card like Andy Souwer, Hinata, Yasuhiro Kido, and Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima. Souwer Vs Kido should be an exciting rematch, I'm curious to see how Andy will adapt to Kido's awkward style this time (first fight was K-1 Final 16, 2013). The Weigh in's have already taken place and some pictures have been put on facebook here.

KICKBOXING RULES -70Kg Andy Souwer (Netherlands) vs. Kido Yasuhiro (Japan)

RISE KICKBOXING WELTER WEIGHT TITLE FIGHT - Danilo Zanolini (Brazil) vs. Nagashima Jienotsu Yuichirou (Japan)

KICKBOXING RULES -90Kg - Uehara Makoto (Japan) vs. Zelg "Benkei" Galesić (Croatia)

KICKBOXING RULES -70Kg - Hinata (Japan) vs. Samo Petje (Slovenia)

KICKBOXING RULES HEAVYWEIGHT  - Raoumaru (Japan) vs. Murat Eggan (Team Aerts)



KICKBOXING RULES -61Kg - Komiyama Kousuke (Japan) vs. Geo Fairtex (Thailand)

KICKBOXING RULES -65Kg  - Souda Yasuomi vs. Yuki

KICKBOXING RULES -70Kg - Miyakoshi Souichirou vs. Hirono Yu

KICKBOXING RULES -95Kg - Shimizu Kengo vs. Magnum Sakai



Yuki vs Javier Hernandez Headlines RISE 90 on October 25th

  • Published in Kickboxing

RISE has been bringing in foreign competition for a while with frequency and will look to do it once again on October 25th, bringing in former It’s Showtime 61kg champ and Liverkick #3 ranked Lightweight Javier Hernandez to take on their promotional Lightweight champion Yuki. Hernandez (25-5-0, 11 KO) gained notoriety last June when he defeated Karim Bennoui in a fight of the year candidate to take the It’s Showtime title. Most recently, Hernandez made it three straight unsuccessful defenses of the It’s Showtime 61kg title, losing the title to Masahiro Yamamoto back in July. Yuki (31-14-1, 23 KO) took part in both K-1 -63kg tournaments, but lost in the quarterfinals both times to eventual finalists. He won the inaugural RISE Lightweight title in a 4-man tournament with wins over Naoki and Koji Yoshimoto at the end of 2010 and has defended it once with an improbable comeback against Yuto Watanabe. Most recently, Yuki dropped a decision to RISE Korea Welterweight champ Lee Sun Hyun at RISE 88. This fight has a good chance for some real fireworks as both fighters have shown they can hand out just as much punishment as they can take. Hernandez should be the favorite here and have a noticeable speed advantage, but Yuki definitely has the power in both his punches and low kicks to pull off the upset. I wouldn’t be surprised if both fighters score knockdowns in this fight.

In a matchup for the recently vacated RISE Heavyweight title, #1 ranked Kengo Shimizu will rematch #2 ranked Raoumaru. Their first fight took place at RISE 88 with Shimizu scoring a 1st round KO, however that fight took place at 90kg. This fight taking place at heavyweight should help Roaumaru, but I expect a similar outcome for this fight. Shimizu (13-2-0, 12 KO) has won 6 and a row and was likely expecting a matchup with former RISE Heavyweight champ and one of the two losses on his record Makoto Uehara, but Uehara vacated, likely due to his participation and presumed future participation in K-1 and Shimizu was robbed of that opportunity and finds himself facing Raoumaru again. Raoumaru is 2-1 on the year with a win in RISE and one at Big Bang 10 and the loss to Shimizu.

In a fight to decide the aforementioned Yuki’s next title challenger, RISE Korea Welterweight champion Lee Sun Hyun will take on #1 ranked Hiroshi Mizumachi. For Lee, this is his fourth fight in the main branch of RISE and will be his second not against a promotional champion. At RISE 85, he lost a close decision to Super Lightweight champ Koji Yoshimoto after failing to make weight, then won a decision against Yuki. Most recently, he scored a TKO of Yuto Watanabe, who had just fought Yuki for the title. Mizumachi lost a superfight to Super Lightweight champion Koji Yoshimoto back at RISE 83 and a fight in Shootboxing at last year’s Shoot the Shooto, but is 1-0 this year with a win over Naoki at RISE 88. I like Lee to take the win here.

In a fight to decide the next challenger to Koji Yoshimoto’s Super Lightweight title, #1 ranked Yukihiro Komiya will take on #3 ranked Yasuomi Soda. Komiya (29-10-0, 6 KO) was the RISE 70kg champion until last year when he lost it to Takafumi Morita. After a loss to Yuji Nashiro to start 2012, Komiya dropped to 65kg where he has gone 2-0, defeating Yusuke Sugawara in RISE and picking up a win at Bing Bang 10 earlier this month. Soda (12-1-0, 4 KO) was the most recent challenger to Yoshimoto’s title, losing by decision and losing his undefeated record. He bounced back from that loss with a stoppage of Korean fighter Kim Dong Soo at RISE 87.

An important 55kg fight takes place at this event as well, with #2 ranked Dyki taking on MA Kick champion and #3 ranked Takashi Ohno. The winner of this fight will likely take on #1 ranked Ryuma Tobe for the recently vacated title, as former champion KENJI has moved to boxing. This fight is important because KENJI’s departure and Ryuya Kusakabe’s recent loss have blown open a hole in the 55kg division underneath now undisputed divisional kingpin Shota Takiya. The winner of this fight will help distance himself in a muddled, unclear Super Bantamweight division. Ohno has won 7 in a row since the start of 2011, winning his MA Kick title at the beginning of the year against Takuma Ito. He had his first fight in RISE at RISE 89 in July, beating then-undefeated DEEP*KICK 55kg champ Seiya Rokukawa. Dyki made it to the finals of the RISE 55kg tournament, but was stopped in the 1st round by KENJI. He lost his next fight after that to Ryuma Tobe, but has gone 2-0 since with wins over Hiroaki Mizuhara and Ariaki Okada.

Finally, at 63kg, #3 ranked Yuto Watanabe takes on Shootboxing #1 ranked Lightweight Yuji Sugawara. Watanabe challenged Yuki for the RISE Lightweight title back at RISE 87 and after two rounds, looked like he was en route to a stoppage or at least to an easy decision, however Yuki came on strong in the late stages of the fight and was able to drop Watanabe multiple times to get the come from behind decision win. Watanabe’s only fight since then was a stoppage loss to Lee Sun Hyun at RISE 89. Sugawara fought Hiroaki Suzuki for the vacant Shootboxing Lightweight title, but lost that fight and is 2-1 since.

RISE 90 will also feature the finals of the Featherweight tournament between Ittao and Ryo Pegasus.


RISE/M-1 Announce Event Featuring M. Yamamoto, Kamimura, Umeno, Komiyama

  • Published in Kickboxing

RISE and M-1 Muay Thai Challenge have announced a co-promoted event that is set to take place on December 2nd called "Infinity" and it has one of the most star-studded lineups of the year.

While no matchups have been announced, let's take a look at who has been announced to participate at the event.

Masahiro Yamamoto: Along with being ranked #2 on the LiverKick Lightweight rankings, Yamamoto holds the It's Showtime -61kg title which he won earlier this year over Javier Hernandez.

Kosuke Komiyama: #10 LiverKick Lightweight, current RISE Super Featherweight champion and riding an 8-fight winstreak, most recently winning at Shootboxing Act.4.

Genji Umeno: Umeno holds the WPMF World Super Featherweight title, was recently ranked at Lumpini Stadium and was the #1 Featherweight in Japan after a win over Yosuke Morii last December. Umeno has moved up to Super Featherweight now, but most recently lost to Chang-Hyun Lee in K-1 at 61kg.

Erika Kamimura: At this time last year, the WMC and WPMF Women's Mini-Flyweight champion was an unstoppable force and thought to be the top female kickboxer. A close loss to RENA late last year and a close loss in the quarterfinals of this year's Girls S-Cup have slowed her hype train, but she is still an elite fighter. She won a rematch with Seo Hee Ham to earn a rematch with RENA for her RISE title, so I wouldn't be surprised if that fight happened at this event.

Koji Yoshimoto: Yoshimoto is the current RISE Super Lightweight champion and has won 3 in a row, most recently defending his title against Yasuomi Soda. I could see him defending his title here against Yukihiro Komiya.

Sun-Hyun Lee: The RISE Korea Welterweight champion is already scheduled to fight at RISE 90 against Shohei Asahara with a win likely getting him a title shot. However, Lee is teammates with Chang-Hyun Lee, with Chang-Hyun's nickname even being "Little Sun-Hyun Lee", who just defeated Genji Umeno in K-1, so I wouldn't be surprised if the two were to fight.

Yosuke Morii: Morii is coming off of a loss to Hiroki Akimoto at the beginning of this month, but is still the #3 Featherweight in Japan and the WPMF Japan champion at the weight. With Umeno's weight gain, I doubt the two will rematch, especially considering how one-sided the first fight was.

Yusuke Shimizu: The 21 year old former WPMF Japan Super Bantamweight champion looks to bounce back from his second pro loss this weekend. I'd like to see him take on the winner of Dyki vs. Takashi Ohno at RISE 90.

I assume that RISE and M-1 will be looking to match their fighters up against one another and should that be the case, the best option would obviously be Masahiro Yamamoto vs Kosuke Komiyama, as it pits #2 on the LiverKick rankings against #10, but other options like Sun-Hyun Lee vs Genji Umeno and Yosuke Morii vs the winner of the RISE Featherweight tournament are also possible and equally as enticing.

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