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LiverKick - LiverKick Podcast Episode 23 - Joe Schilling Talks GLORY 12

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Man, GLORY 12 New York came FAST, didn't it? GLORY 12 is this weekend live on Spike TV from the Theater at Madison Square Garden. We decided that it sounded like a good idea to have another sitdown with Joe Schilling as you all seem to love them so much, this time around we were talking about Joe's life post-GLORY 10 money, the quick turnaround between camps and his preparation going into the fight with Wayne Barrett.

As always, I have a lot of fun talking to Joe about Kickboxing and everything in between.

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Also, for those who have phones, etc. that don't support flash, here it is on SoundCloud.


Andy Ristie Dethrones Giorgio Petrosyan in R3

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If there was an improbability it was for Giorgio Petrosyan to lose. If there was something that was nearly impossible it was Giorgio Petrosyan losing via Knockout, yet, yet... Here we are and Giorgio Petrosyan has been knocked out in Round 3 by Andy Ristie. Andy Ristie was applying lots of pressure in the first round with Petrosyan not able to find his rhythm until the very end. The second round saw a lot of the same with Petrosyan in control, but not able to find his rhythm.

Round three was do or die for Ristie and Andy Ristie just rushed out there like a bat out of hell but it wasn't enough to put Petrosyan down. Then Ristie landed a huge right hand that had Petrosyan stunned only for him to follow it up with a combination of a right, left and another left that finished it. Petrosyan went down and Andy Ristie had done the impossible.

GIF by ZombieProphet.


The Disbelief of Giorgio Petrosyan's Loss to Andy Ristie

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Petrosyan (C) Bauzen for WKA

Saturday night was surreal, that’s the only way to describe it. Giorgio Petrosyan the king of kickboxing, the best 70 KG kickboxer we’ve ever seen, hell quite possibly the best kickboxer we’ve ever seen in any weight class. He defined perfection, he was a man who not only would win, but he would tactically embarrass his opponents for the entirety of the match. I’m not sure there is anyone else that has made more top level fighters look like amateurs more or less. The sheer thought of Petrosyan losing seemed about as realistic as an Ed Wood film. Yet, here we are a few days out and that’s the case.

After Andy Ristie rendered Petrosyan unconscious it was just pure disbelief in the arena. Everyone was gasping, their hands up in the air, mouths agape. Up to that point, Andy Ristie was fighting the perfect fight, he was throwing of Petrosyan’s timing, wasn’t letting him get comfortable with his range and he was still losing the fight on most people's scorecards. Ristie did put on the performance of a lifetime, beating the number one and two guys at 70KG. He not only defeated them, he knocked out a man who was 76-1-1 who’s never been knocked out and he knocked out a man who was knocked out once in 73 fights. It was one of the best one night performances in recent memory, it’s up there with Semmy’s K1 WGP run in 09, it was something to behold as it truly felt special.

Even though I consider myself an unbiased observer of kickboxing, I still had a weird feeling after seeing Petrosyan lose. On the train ride home from the event I was racking my brain, trying to sum up my feelings on it and the only thing I could come up with was a comment Pat Miletich made after Fedor lost to Werdum. “My heart sank not for Fedor but for the reality of perfection that is not attainable in the sport of MMA. All experienced fighters know you’re going to lose if you’re fighting world-class opponents, but Fedor was different.” For me it’s sad to see the guy who was thought to be unbeatable, bested. Sure, at the end of the day, it was bound to happen, you can only fight the best of the best for so long without getting caught.

Now I know sports are a very reactionary world, I’ve been guilty being reactionary after an event as well, it happens. After Saturday night, I saw a few people question Petrosyan his record and his skill level. Now, let me address his record, sure, there are times when he faced guys that are out of the top 20, but he also fights 5 times or more a year and he continually faces the best of the best. Now, here’s a gripe that I have, is about this talk about padding records, first of all, Petrosyan doesn’t have a padded record, plain and simple. If he did have a padded record, so what? If a promotion can pad a guys record, sell him to me as a world beater and make me want to see him fight, I’m 100% for it. That’s one of the biggest problems that I have with the UFC, they don’t know how to build guys up properly, they throw them to the wolves and if they lose, they lose all drawing power. Now onto the Petrosyan’s skill, I hate the fact that this is even a question, he’s the best 70KG kickboxer ever, end of story. The way he slips punches, counters, draws everyone into his fight, it’s a thing of beauty. Combat sports are tricky, it’s not like baseball where you have numbers to quantify how good a player is. It’s all an eye test, you have to have a trained eye to see it and while I don’t consider myself an expert, I do consider myself a seasoned viewer and have seen a fair share of Petro’s fights. Any positive adjective you can think of, Petro fits it.

At the end of the day, perfection isn’t something that can be obtained, it’s the idea of it that’s so beautiful, the idea of a man trying to become this abstract idea, it’s just so fascinating. Everytime you tell yourself it’s something that can’t happen, someone will come along and change your mind and Petrosyan was that guy. Even with his knockout loss, Petrosyan will continue to chase the unobtainable goal of perfection.



Watch GLORY 12 Live on LiverKick - International Only

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GLORY 12 New York is this Saturday evening, live from the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. For us who live here in the United States the event will be broadcast live on Spike TV, but for those abroad you'll have to find your access elsewhere, so why not here on LiverKick? Purchasing a stream through LiverKick not only helps GLORY, but it helps LiverKick as well.

The stream will feature the main card and is not available within the United States or ex-YU countries.


GLORY Releasing Entire GLORY 12 Event Tomorrow for Free

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Today is always an embarrassing day to be an American; the day after Thanksgiving. Yesterday was our holiday where everyone is supposed to spend time with loved ones, give "thanks" for all of the things that they have in their lives and relax. The day after has become the official start of the holiday shopping season, dubbed Black Friday. The term dates back to the 1960's when employees had started calling it that due to the high amounts of traffic and shoppers. Over the past few years big box retail outlets have embraced the term and thanks to technology we get to see the ugly side of the holiday for all of the world to gawk at.

But, alas, there is some light at the end of this tunnel right now, as GLORY has announced today that they will post the entirety of the GLORY 12 New York event on their website tomorrow for free. Yes, the whole event for free, which means the undercard which didn't air (but judging by those who were in attendance, it was wildly entertaining) as well as the main card which aired on Spike TV. That's a lot of fights for free and something to be thankful for. You don't even have to stampede anyone at an American Walmart for this, either.

They'll be posted here.


GLORY and the Underdog Story Conundrum

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Few narratives in sports make for compelling entertainment like the classic underdog story does. We all know it by now; there is a clear favorite going into the showdown, but the underdog is able to overcome the odds and walk away as the champion while the world is shocked. For GLORY we’ve seen this happen a staggering number of times in the last few months. In fact GLORY 10, GLORY 11 and GLORY 12 all featured this exact thing happening in their respective tournaments.


At GLORY 10 American kickboxer Joe Schilling went into the tournament confident that he’d not only meet Artem Levin in the finals, but that he’d defeat him. Fans who know Schilling were pulling for that, but the rest of the world saw Levin walking away as the champion yet again. Of course, Schilling was able to pull off a dramatic victory over Levin and completely reshape the division, taking his place as the top guy in the Middleweight division.


GLORY 12 New York Featuring Lightweight Tournament Announced

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Glory 12

Well, GLORY has finally come clean with the fact that their second event on Spike TV will be GLORY 12 New York and that it will go down at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. GLORY 12 will go down on November 9th in New York City and will air live on Spike TV, featuring a Lightweight tournament to crown the best in the world, featuring Giorgio Petrosyan. Not much else is known about the card, but there have been some rumors about possibly seeing Peter Aerts back in action at GLORY 12 in New York, which is really all that you need to know, right?

Here is the full event poster, which sure is pretty.



Andy Ristie Takes Place as GLORY 12 Lightweight Champion

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My god, what else can you say about Andy Ristie other than he just had the night of his career in New York city. He now holds KO victories over Giorgio Petrosyan and Robin van Roosmalen. In one night. Seriously, that is just insanity. Andry Ristie was riding a wave of momentum coming off of the knockout of Giorgio Petrosyan and he did absolutely everything right against Robin van Roosmalen.

Ristie was able to drop Robin near the tail end of round one only for Robin to work his way back up to his feet. The second round he tried to play it a bit more conservatively but Ristie was able to land another incredible combination which put Robin van Roosmalen down and left him unable to respond to the count.

GIF by ZProphet.



Post-GLORY 12 Rumor Roundup

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We are all living in what we could call right now a post-GLORY hangover, as GLORY 12 is in the books and we've had a few divisions shaken to their very core as a result. It wasn't much different from GLORY 11 where Rico Verhoeven shook up the Heavyweight division, it just happened within two divisions in one night; Lightweight and Middleweight. So here are some various news and notes from the event;


  • -- Giorgio Petrosyan broke his left hand in the first round against Andy Ristie. Petrosyan's left hand has long plagued his career and been his one real weakness. Without taking anything away from Andy Ristie, without the ability to properly block with his left hand Petrosyan was in a precarious spot against a heavy-hitter like Andy Ristie.
  • -- Spike TV has been pushing for GLORY to do more events in New York after GLORY 12. Word is that the walk-up ticket sales for GLORY 12 were substantial and that Spike TV is urging for less international events on tape delay from GLORY and more live events from strong areas. Expect up to three events in New York in 2014 if all goes according to plan.
  • -- March 8th in Croatia seems to be a done deal, with Orsat Zovko (Mirko Cro Cop's manager and promoter of Final Fight and the K-1 World Grand Prix this year) as GLORY's co-promoter. This, of course means the long-standing rumors of Mirko Cro Cop vs. Remy Bonjasky are true as Zovko has finally announced that fight. This fight will most likely be serving as Remy Bonjasky's retirement fight.
  • -- Hats off to Andy Ristie who had some troubles within his camp leading into GLORY 12, including a rift with his longtime trainer, Lucien Carbin, as well as a few nagging injuries. He really made the best of a bad situation.
  • -- Ben Edwards had a myriad of troubles leading into the event as well, namely with getting a visa for the United States. He arrived later on in the week than he would have liked to due to this, then on arrival had his luggage lost, which meant he had to find all new gear. Jhonata Diniz was wearing Chicago Bulls basketball shorts on the undercard due to having his luggage lost as well.
  • -- Spike TV displayed a quote hyping up the event from the site and attributed it to "Liver Shot." This is my cross to bear.

Schilling to Barrett: You're Not on My Level

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Well folks, we are going to have some fireworks at GLORY 12 when GLORY 10 Middleweight Champion Joe Schilling steps into the ring with New York's own Wayne Barrett. Barrett has made a name for himself with his three big Kickboxing wins, but then again, those are his only three professional Kickboxing fights. Compare that to Joe Schilling, who has been around Kickboxing and Muay Thai for years now, completely dedicating himself to it. It makes sense that Schilling sees a fighter like Barrett and shakes his head. It's not that he's underestimating him as much as he wants to prove to the world that he is indeed the best in the world by showing Barrett just how new he is to the sport of Kickboxing.

This interview is from GLORY's site.

“Personally I don’t think he has the experience to be fighting me at this stage. He’s a big strong guy but he is no Artem Levin, you know what I mean? But I will train hard for it the same as any other dangerous fight,” he says.

“I’ve made the mistake of underestimating people in the past and I got caught out. There’s no easy fights in GLORY, he is big and strong and athletic. I take him seriously. But on paper I think I should win.”

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