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Watch K-1 World MAX Final 16 LIVE TODAY

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In the past LiverKick has been dedicated to bringing you some of the best and greatest Kickboxing events from all over the world, from GLORY, It's Showtime and SuperKombat and we look to continue that trend by becoming an official partner with K-1's broadcast partner, Epicentre, to bring to you, the best Kickboxing fans in the world, the K-1 World MAX 2013 Final 16 live here on LiverKick. You can view the fight card here.

The event will be on September 14th at 1PM Eastern time here in the US, 6PM London time in the UK and will cost $19.99 USD. So we invite you to join us on September 14th for the K-1 World MAX 2013 Final 16 event live here on LiverKick. Remember that purchasing the PPV through the site helps to support LiverKick so we can continue to bring you the latest and greatest in Kickboxing coverage.

UPDATE: Thanks to K-1's sponsorship deal with Thai Airways International the stream will now be free!

Read more... Podcast - Volume 12: K-1 Final 16 and Lion Fight 7

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Yet another weekend where the Kickboxing world gives us something of note to digest. This weekend was the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 in Tokyo, and there was a lot to talk about. On top of that, we talk about Lion Fight 7 and more. Join Rian Scalia (@rianscalia) and myself (@LiverKickdotcom / @dvewlsh) as we run through the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16, a look at the field moving forward and other stuff.



K-1 Final 16 Matches Unveiled

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This is the moment that Kickboxing fans across the world have been waiting for (or at least one of them), as today on K-1's [Japanese] website the matchups for the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 were posted. There will be some surprises, as a popular name associated with the K-1 World Grand Prix so far in Daniel Ghita does not appear anywhere on this bout sheet. On top of that, it was long-rumored that four fighters from the Los Angeles GP show would move on to the Final 16, but it looks like Rick Roufus will be fighting on the event, but will not be a part of the actual tournament matchups, facing Los Angeles GP undercard fighter James Wilson after his brutal KO of Doug Souer.

Without further ado...

K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16

Raul Catinas (Romania) vs. Ben Edwards (Australia)

Makoto Uehara (Japan) vs. Hiromi Amada (Japan)

Xavier Vigney (USA) vs. Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan)

Hesdy Gerges (Egypt) vs. Sergii Laschenko (Ukraine)

Singh Jaideep (India) vs. Ismael Londt (Surinam)

Jarrell Miller (USA) vs. Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania)

Paul Slowinski (Poland) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)

Mirko Flipovic (Croatia) vs. Randy Blake (USA)


Super Fights

Genji Umeno (Japan) vs. Chanhyung Lee (Korea)

Jafar Ahmadi (Iran) vs. Benjamin Adegbuyl (Nigeria)

Saulo Cavalari (Brazil) vs. Pavel Zuravliov (Russia)

Rick Roufus (USA) vs. James Wilson (USA)


K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 Tonight

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For the uninitiated the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 takes place on Sunday afternoon in Japan, which means for Americans and most in Europe, it will be starting a bit earlier. For Americans, it means staying up really, really late to watch a Japanese event, which hasn't been the case for quite a while and is actually a nice change of pace. We've been getting a lot of questions about how to watch the event, what time it is airing and exactly what is going on. Never fear, while information-tracking hasn't been entirely easy, here is what we've got for you.

The event goes down at 16:00 Tokyo time, which means 3:00am Eastern time in the US/12:00am Pacific.

How do you watch it? Well, Spike should be providing access to a stream at As the event draws near we'll keep you updated with how to watch.

Now the fight card.

Final 16:

Raul Catinas vs. Ben Edwards

Makoto Uehara vs. Hiromi Amada

Xavier Vigney vs. Zabit Samedov

Hesdy Gerges vs. Sergei Lascenko

Singh Jaideep vs. Ismael Londt

Jarrell Miller vs. Arnold Oborotov

Paul Slowinski vs. Catalin Morosanu

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Randy Blake

Super Fights:

Genji Umeno vs. Changhyun Lee

Zhou Zhi Peng vs. Koutaro Moro

Jafar Ahmadi vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi

Saulo Calavari vs. Pavel Zhuravlev

James Wilson vs. Rick Roufus


K-1 World Grand Prix in Nanjing Potentially Cancelled

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K-1 Final 16This week has been a rollercoaster for K-1 Final 16 news. It's Showtime's Simon Rutz set multiple deadlines for FEG to pay the money owed to It's Showtime and their fighters, with the final deadline set for Friday by end of business. has been in close contact with It's Showtime officials regarding this news and as of this afternoon there was no word regarding payments. This of course was a worst case scenario for the K-1 Final 16, set to happen in just two weeks now, an event that had yet to secure any substantial sponsors and that fighters had yet to receive finalized contracts for.

There was another rumor this week about FEG offering a contract to fighters who were owed substantial sums of money that would ensure their future fighting for K-1 but would only pay 50% of the money that was owed to them, with the fighter effectively waiving the other 50% and FEG no longer liable for that.

The first word of the show "not happening" came from Anil Dubar, Daniel Ghita's coach by way of the Dutch blog of Daniel Dee. Dubar claims that the event has been cancelled, that October 29th is off.

Of course this is not final, as there has been no official word from K-1 on any of this, and there are reports coming from Japan that FEG is still in meetings with potential investors for K-1, but as the October 29th date draws closer and closer and It's Showtime possibly pulling out a majority of the promised fighters for the Final 16 things are beginning to look truly bleak.


K-1 Final 16 Update: K-1 Brokering Deal With Fighters for Half of Money Owed

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K-1 WGP Final 16The K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 is just over two weeks away now and there has been no card announced and from reports inside of fight camps from managers and fighters, there are no finalized contracts for the fights. It's Showtime's Simon Rutz made a deadline for K-1 to pay up, which was last Friday, when this came and went the deadline was apparently extended to Wednesday of this week. We've been in contact with Simon Rutz and other employees of It's Showtime who could confirm that were some financial problems and disagreements and were still waiting for their payments before they could move forward. There has been no word over the past two days from the It's Showtime camp, though. reached out to some K-1 officials who had no further details for us other than thanking us for our patience and telling us just to wait a little bit longer and there should be an update.

Now there are reports coming out of the Netherlands that K-1 has been offering a "deal" that reads a lot like a settlement to fighters who would like to participate in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16. The deal is for fighters to sign a contract by tomorrow, and that the contract waives a certain degree of K-1 and FEG's liability to fighters for past financial obligations. Signing this contract being offered by FEG assures the fighters a spot in the Final 16, but waives the fighter's right to half of the money that FEG owes the fighters, which in some cases will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only if those contracts are signed with FEG pay fighters any of the money that they owe, which begs the question of what happens to fighters like Ray Sefo and Alistair Overeem who are not looking to participate in the World Grand Prix this year but are owed a lot of money?

These reports line up with information that sources have told to over the past few days, and it is not yet clear if this offer was extended to all fighters who were owed money, to just certain fighters or just to certain fighters that are part of management teams or fight camps that work with K-1. We'll provide more updates when they are available, but we could finally be getting some answers within the next few days.


Simon Rutz Clarifies K-1's Financial Situation; Final 16 Cancelled

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K-1/It's ShowtimeSimon Rutz promised a statement on the K-1 situation today, and he has delivered. There is so much in here that has been floating around for quite a while now that I don't know where to begin. had heard from multiple sources that Bas Boon and a group of American investors had planned to purchase K-1. This initially started a few months ago when Fight Game, a company owned in part by Bas Boon and Frederico Lapenda had acquired certain rights to footage and began removing K-1 fights from YouTube under infringement to "Fight Game." This was the first clue that something was going down and backed up some of the rumors of K-1 being purchased.

Then nothing happened. K-1 went nowhere. There was talk of Barbizon, a real estate company acquiring certain rights to K-1's brands, and that this was possibly a part of the sale. Then there was talks of another company having possibly purchased K-1, while the talks of Golden Glory acquiring K-1 refused to die down. All of a sudden there were people who were dead set that one group had purchased K-1 or that the other group had, yet nothing was happening, there was no movement and FEG finally decided to run events under the K-1 name themselves. It turns out that K-1's founder Kazuyoshi Ishii had not signed away on his baby, his creation that had helped shape the world of kickboxing, that he was what was holding back the sale, claims Rutz.

With all of this in mind, according to Rutz there were three companies in contention and none of them have the required signature to take over the company. Even if they were to acquire K-1 today, there is not enough time to organize a K-1 event on October 29th. While nothing has happene yet, Rutz still believes that one of the potential investors will take control over K-1 by 2012 and organize K-1 events. Rutz has also promised It's Showtime will support whomever takes over the organization and believes that a united front of It's Showtime and Golden Glory participating in K-1 is good for the sport. Read after the break for the entire statement from Mr. Rutz. [source]


Report: K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 "Probably Off"

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K-1The latest in the last minute saga of the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 is that the show is probably cancelled. News has been leaking out over the past few days of possible last minute deals, possible shake ups internally and the World Grand Prix Final 16 being cancelled. It's Showtime was providing a wealth of talent under the idea that FEG would pay It's Showtime the money they owe them as well as the fighters' salary before the event could happen. Simon Rutz extended the deadline numerous times and the money still never made its way to them.

On Monday in Amsterdam Rutz is set to make a statement about the K-1 situation but many are expecting it to be "bad" news. It's Showtime has been focused this week on their January 28th event in The Netherlands which will feature the retirement of Badr Hari. Tickets went on sale this weekend and according to It's Showtime moving quickly, with the VIP tables sold out and a good portion of the seating in the arena sold out as well. There are murmurs of It's Showtime assembling a tournament of their own at some point, as waiting for K-1 to put together the World Grand Prix was their only hindrance.

According to sources in the It's Showtime circle there will not be a World Grand Prix Final 16 event, it will not be postponed to a later date.

There is talk of a December 10th date in China still happening, possibly being the Final 8 of the World Grand Prix, or simply a collection of K-1 Super Fights.

It needs to be remembered that all of this talk of the event being cancelled involves It's Showtime pulling out from the World Grand Prix. If K-1 has no back-up plan the chances of there being a World Grand Prix are indeed slim to none, but there is still a chance that other parties they've been talking with over the last week could come to the rescue for them, but it is a longshot at best it appears.

UPDATE: Michael Schiavello reports on his Twitter that he too has heard that the event is off.

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