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Badr Hari Attack Victim Koen Everink Murdered in his Home

When analyzing some of the most important names in kickboxing from the past twenty years there will be a lot of champions on that list, a lot of influential trainers and even some of the millionaires that have kept kickboxing afloat during tough times, but one of the most important names has also been a non-combatant of any kind in the Netherland's Koen Everink. Everink, a Dutch businessman who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time while Badr Hari was at a dance party and was feeling rowdy in 2012, had his life forever changed on that fateful night when Hari attacked him and left him forever damaged. 

The importance of Everink is that this effectively put an end to Badr Hari's career as a top kickboxer. Multiple stints in prison, retirements and returns, fighting for warlord buddies and rich playboys looking to hang out with a legitimate tough guy, has been the name of the game for Hari since then. He was recently sentenced to finish out his term in prison and has been talking about fighting one more fight, but had that decision overturned in the Supreme Court. The once-promising career for Badr Hari took a turn for taking whatever fights he could scrounge up for his large asking price, with the results being mixed, at best. 

When someone is as talented as Badr Hari is, being taken from his sport at a young age is always a shame, even if its his own damned fault. Hari had moved on and it seemed that Everink would be able to move on as well, so it seemed like everything was done, but apparently Everink still lived in the shadow of that case. Not going out into public often, or when he did flanked by private security, was the life that he was left with due to numerous threats on his life due to the Hari incident. 

Apparently, either related or not, that is all over now as Koen Everink was found dead in his living room by his seven year old daughter this morning. Police believe that someone had broken into his home during the night, Everink had confronted them and was murdered. It's still unknown who was responsible for the murder, if it was simply coincidence or not. Regardless, Koen Everink did have a huge impact on the sport of kickboxing, like it or not. 

Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh has been covering MMA and Kickboxing since 2007 before changing his focus solely to Kickboxing in 2009, launching what was the only English-language site dedicated to giving Kickboxing similar coverage to what MMA receives. He was the co-founder of HeadKickLegend and now LiverKick. He resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he works as a writer of all trades.

His second novel, Terminus Cycle, is available now via Kindle and Paperback.

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