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It is safe to say that Daniel Ghita made an impression on fans across the world on January 28th, so much so that his status within the Heavyweight division has shot up and many are considering him to be one of the best, if not the best Heavyweight in the world. It was immediately clear to us that we had to pick Daniel Ghita’s mind and find out what the future holds for him. The only problem is, as is in most cases, Ghita’s english is not as great as it could be, so we reached out instead to his trainer Anil Dunbar to have him translate the questions for us and then translate his answers into English. A special thanks goes to Anil Dubar for making the interview happen as well as Karel ten Haaf for getting us into contact with Mr. Dubar.

First of all, congratulations on the win over Hesdy Gerges. Huge win and incredibly impressive.

Thank you very much, it was a good strategy that my trainer, Anil Dubar choose for me and it worked perfectly.

Do you feel like the evolution of Daniel Ghita is sort of complete now, that the Daniel Ghita that we saw against Hesdy Gerges is a more complete fighter than the one that fans first saw in It's Showtime and K-1 a few years ago?

The evolution is still going on, this to all the credit to my trainer, Anil Dubar, as he is working with me two times a day since I moved from Romania to Holland, and every match I am getting better, getting used to working with him,so you will see me growing in every fight. When I was in Romania, before i meat Anil, I was training with some friends and it was not professional, but when I moved over to Holland three years ago and started to train professionally it began paying off as you can see.

At this point, do you think that you are the top Heavyweight Kickboxer in the world?

Now that Badr Hari is leaving kickboxing I think that I am going to be the number one Heavyweight.

Out of the Heavyweights active right now, who do you want to fight next? Do you want to avenge past losses to Gokhan Saki and Semmy Schilt, or are you simply looking forward?

My main goal is to stay the It’s Showtime Champion as long as possible,but of course I want to avenge those two losses. My manager, Simon Rutz was already busy with booking a revenge fight with Gokhan Saki, he made a good offer to Saki for the It’s Showtime title on June 30th in Brussels, but sadly Saki refused that offer.

Glory and TSA are holding a Heavyweight tournament this year, have there been any talks of you competing in it, do you want to fight in it?

I'm really not sure, that is up to my manager, and if the offer is good I will fight anyone, anywhere.

The K-1 situation is a mess right now, do you have any insight as to what is going on with them?

I have some very good news about K-1, they are coming back this year and they offered me a new contract. Under this new contract I’ll receive 50% of the money that was owed to me, so that is really good news for all the fighters in the world.

Do you feel that Kickboxing needs K-1 or that Kickboxing will be fine without the K-1 name and K-1 World Grand Prix?

Before K-1 there was kickboxing and after K-1 there will be kickboxing, but I’d say that kickboxing really needs K-1. Without K-1 we are really missing something special in the world, so yeah, we would miss K-1 for sure if it didn’t exist anymore.

Badr Hari left for Boxing, Tyrone Spong will probably compete in MMA, do you have any desire to fight in another sport or is Kickboxing your main focus?

If some organisation will give me an offer that I cannot refuse then I would think about it, but my main focus is kickboxing and to win the K-1 World Grand Prix.

Did you have a hero in Kickboxing that you looked up to or modeled yourself after?

I really liked watching Peter Aerts, he was the one that gave K-1 name the worldwide fame, he is the real legend of K-1.

You've mentioned in the past looking to retire when you would win the K-1 World Grand Prix and possibly retiring after the 2010 World Grand Prix Finals. With K-1 being in disarray right now, do you still have the same goal, or has your success convinced you to continue competing for a long time?

My trainer convinced me to keep fighting, to win as many K-1 and It’s Showtime titles that I could, so I will not retire any time soon, I will compete for as long as I can.

If you were to retire tomorrow, what would you choose to do as a career?

I really don’t know, maybe teaching kickboxing, but when I eventually retire I will take a nice and very long vacation first hahaha.

Your next fight is against Sergei Lascenko whom you've defeated in the past, who has also improved in the past few years. Do you believe that he'll provide more of a challenge this time?

For sure, I am the champion right now and he want to prove that he is on my level and can beat me, but I take every opponent seriously so I don’t underestimate anyone.

Do you have any other fights scheduled or in talks that you can tell us about?

It’s Showtime in Brussels on June 30th, I will fight Frederic Sinistra because Gokhan Saki cancelled on our fight.

What is your favorite Knockout in your career?

My favorite KO is the KO from the K-1 Final 16 2010 in Korea over Errol Zimmerman, with this KO I was the first Romanian fighter to ever qualify for the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8.

Quite a few fighters have retired in the past few years, do you regret not getting to fight any of them?

Not really, there is enough of a challenge out there for me, but I would liked to fight Remy Bonjasky. He sad he is willing to do a retirement fight, so I am always available for him if he wants to fight.

What is your dream fight, any fighter alive or dead, active or inactive?

My dream fight is with Badr Hari, but he has left kickboxing for boxing. There were many people talking about wanting me to fight Badr after I knocked Gerges out, but he has left kickboxing. Although, if he does come back to kickboxing he should be prepared to fight me.

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