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GLORY 21 Sees Boost From DVR Numbers

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When it comes to tabulating ratings on television these days it is difficult to ignore the impact that DVRs have. Just a few years before the concept of a DVR and being able to record and watch a show at a later time was a luxury. Now it is fairly common on most cable and satellite providers to include some sort of DVR option. Ratings are now more than simply live viewers, but also include DVR viewings up to a few days later.

According to our friend John Joe O'Regan at BloodyElbow GLORY 21 has seen a significant boost from the DVR numbers. With the DVR numbers the show's viewership kicks up from 488,000 to 517,000 viewers. 

He also spoke to GLORY CEO Jon J. Franklin who talked about some of their difficulties last year, including show cancellations and the long gap between GLORY 17 and GLORY 18, but the promotion seems confident moving forward. He also noted that the next show is in France, which means that it will air on tape delay here in the United States. While that has been an issue in the past, they are still dedicated to their strong European audience and have no plans on abandoning them any time soon.


Andy Ristie's Trainer Barred From GLORY Ring After GLORY 20 Glove Mishap

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If you'll remember back to GLORY 20 Dubai there was a moment at the beginning of the GLORY Lightweight Title bout between Robin van Roosmalen and Andy Ristie where the referee pulled Ristie aside and was forced to replace his glove. Apparently the thumb of the glove was cut, which has been described as giving an advantage when it comes to dexterity inside of the glove. It was not clear if it was intentional or simply an accident, but according to MixFight GLORY has made a ruling on it and it has resulted in Ristie's trainer, Roberto Flamingo, being barred from ringside at future GLORY events. 

MixFight has been all over the story, including a joint statement from Ristie and Flamingo claiming that there was no intentional wrongdoing and that Ristie will remain with Flamingo. Black Label Fighting, a management company, released a statement as well supporting GLORY's decision in this matter.


GLORY 21 Draws Strong Ratings on Spike TV for Levin vs. Marcus II

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After a rather disappointing rating for GLORY 20 Dubai, thanks in part to tape delay, GLORY 21 shows the brand's durability by snapping back into line with a reported 488,000 average viewers on Spike TV. According to our bud Michael Stets over at MMAMania, Spike TV has disclosed that GLORY 21 drew an average of 488,000 viewers for GLORY 21, which is the fifth highest rating to date on Spike TV.

It's a solid rebound after GLORY 19 drew the second-highest with 542,000 viewers and for GLORY 20 to dip to the next-to-worst ratings with 359,000. A gain of 129,000 viewers is quite impressive for the brand on a Friday evening considering that the card was a bit underwhelming when it comes to star names outside of the main event between Simon Marcus and Artem Levin and the co-main event featuring Raymond Daniels in a feature bout. 

For now we will have to wait with baited breath for GLORY 22, which features a Lightweight tournament and a Heavyweight Championship fight in what many fans consider a very good card, and if the tape delay curse will strike again for GLORY. The peak numbers are not yet available, but we will update with them when it is available. 

UPDATE: Stets has the peak numbers now.


The Trial and Error of GLORY 21

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Photo (C) James Law/GLORY Sports International

Last night was of course GLORY 21, which has seen mixed reviews. A lot of hardcore kickboxing fans were upset with the card and of course the outcome to Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus. A lot of MMA twitter seemed to be enjoying the event, though, which was an interesting contrast. While those are topics to take into account, I performed a bit of an experiment last night of my own. I had a good friend come over to watch the fights with me who had never watched kickboxing or GLORY before, but had seen his share of boxing and MMA to have a base level understanding of combat sports. 

Last night's GLORY 21 event was a further extension of the search for the homegrown GLORY kickboxing star. The first attempt was the Heavyweight Qualifying tournament featuring three American Heavyweights and the British Chi Lewis Parry. The tournament, originally announced as an all-American affair could have been an all-American affair, but the man known as "Chopper" had proven to be adept at promoting himself and was coming off of a knockout win, meaning that if he could back up his talk with more knockouts GLORY could have another star in Chi Lewis Parry. 

The tournament itself was perhaps best suited for the undercard, although I understand the logic of it being on the main card in hopes of big knockouts and building stars. I knew that I'd be able to see through certain things (like Maurice Jackson's 31-0 record that nobody can find much proof of), but would my friend? His comments on the tournament bouts were "most of these guys seem like amateurs, they just aren't impressive at all, is the whole sport like that?" There in lies the problem with promoting fights like this. While there will indeed be people who say "wow, lots of knockouts here! What action!" There will be people who compare the action to your average UFC event that they've seen and see telltale signs of fighters who aren't at the elite level and the entire affair will unravel.

Now, while Justin Baesman did not do much to impress, the feats that Raymond Daniels were capable of immediately caught his attention and he commented on how Daniels was doing things that you'd only see in movies. The main event was another story altogether, where he commented on how Levin and Marcus moved unlike anyone he had ever seen before and that they were clearly many levels above anyone else on the card that night. This was coming from a guy who spent time in Thailand last year and checked out some muay thai, so there was some recognition of the muay thai style that both bring over, albeit diluted and different due to GLORY's modified rules. 

I commend GLORY on looking to build up new stars on Spike TV, but the GLORY name comes with a certain level of prestige and history to it for a young promotion. That history and prestige involves the best of the best fighting in the ring for our collective amusement. A gimme fight or two is never going to hurt the product, but a card like GLORY 21, if we are brutally honest, was a one-fight card. I'm not attempting to take anything away from any of the competitors, but the truth is that as much promise as we see in Demoreo Dennis, Xavier Vigney and Chi Lewis Parry, they've yet to prove themselves on the big stage just yet. The level of competition that they faced was about right to help nurture their growth, but sadly, it was not the right level of competition for a GLORY television show while some of the best fighters in the planet are sitting by waiting for the phone to ring for their opportunity on a Spike TV main card. 

As an entertainment product it would be hard to call GLORY 21 a failure by any stretch. It delivered two hours of exciting, fast-paced action that was capped off by a fight between two of the very best fighters in the world. I could think of shows from the UFC within the past few years that have been endless marathons that tested my patience to a level that pushed me to just stop watching. I'm not sure that GLORY will ever be able to promote anything on that level. The result between Levin and Marcus was not perfect, no, but that was outside of the control of just about everyone involved and there is no way that I'll be able to complain about a rematch between the two.


Glory 21 Live Results

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After some issues with the eversport stream, we are now Live with the super fight series!

Main card (SPIKE at 11 p.m. ET)

Middleweight Title - Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus ends in a Majority Draw (Artem remains Champion)

HW tournament final - Xavier Vigney def. Chi Lewis-Parry by TKO Rd 2 (flurry of punches, ref stoppage)

Raymond Daniels def. Justin Baesman by KO Rd 1 (spinning back kick to liver)

Kyle Stewart def. Devin Goodale by Unanimous Dec

HW tournament - Chi Lewis-Parry def. Demoreo Dennis by KO Rd 1 (right hand)

HW tournament - Xavier Vigney def. Maurice Jackson by TKO Rd 1

Glory Superfight Series

Mike Lemaire def. Casey Greene by Unanimous Dec

Giga Chikadze def. Ken Tran by KO Rd 3 (liver kick)

Maurice Greene def. Ashley Epps by KO Rd 1 (left uppercut hooky punch)

Manny Mancha def. Andre Walker by KO Rd 3 (left hook)

Omari Boyd def. Chris Carradus by decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28) 


Video: Lewis Parry and Vigney get heated at Glory 21 Weigh ins

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Well after watching this short video of the weigh ins for Glory 21, I think its safe to say that Chi Lewis Parry has pissed off Xavier Vigney with his trash talk. Usually when people trash talk it's because they want to get a reaction out of their opponents so Chopper's mission was successful, now lets just hope they both make it through their first fight and meet in the finals.

Oh yeah and Demoreo Dennis knows exactly how to lighten the mood.



GLORY 21 and SuperFight Series Stream Information

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Tomorrow is GLORY 21 and if you are looking for a stream for the SuperFight Series for the main card look no further than here. The SuperFight Series can be purchased and watched by those within the United States, but not the main card. There are restrictions in ex-Yugoslavia as well.

So check it out.

Superfight Series
Glory 21

A Breakdown of GLORY 21

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Tomorrow night on Spike TV GLORY 21 will hit the airwaves in an event headlined by two of the very best Middleweights in the world squaring off for the GLORY Middleweight Championship. Artem Levin will defend his GLORY Middleweight Championship against the challenger Simon Marcus in a rematch of a bout from two years ago that saw Marcus get the best of Artem Levin under the Lion Fight banner.

On top of that will be some Raymond Daniels violence and a Heavyweight qualifying tournament featuring some fresh, new names. Let's break things down.

Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus

This is a fight that we've seen before and it's between two of the best in the division. The only name that is missing from the equation is Joe Schilling who has proven to be a foil to both men at different points. What's funny is that some combination of those three have held claims to being the best in the division in both muay thai and kickboxing for some years now. 

While Marcus was able to get a win over Levin in muay thai rules in their first meeting it's not an assurance that the same will happen here at GLORY 21. Levin is incredibly slick and well-adjusted to kickboxing rules. His strengths rely on his hands, footwork and ability to slip and counter-strike. For Marcus his strengths are generally within the realm of muay thai; elbows and of course his clinch. Those are tools that he won't have at his disposal in the GLORY ring. He's had success of late in the GLORY ring, but not against anyone the caliber of Levin.

I see Levin having the tools to defeat Marcus and probably via decision, but it wouldn't shock me if Marcus took a decision here either.

Raymond Daniels vs. Justin Baesman

The matchmaking here is rather transparent to me; this fight is to feature Raymond Daniels on television and hoping that he does something really cool. No offense to Baesman, but making his kickboxing debut against Daniels is not the best way to go.

Heavyweight Tournament

There have been some shakeups in this tournament of late, so now we are looking at Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson and Demoreo Dennis vs. Chi Lewis Parry. 

Xavier Vigney is an interesting case of a fight who made his professional debut in the K-1 World Grand Prix in 2012 against Seth Petruzelli. That takes guts and dismantling a veteran like Petruzelli with ease like he did took skill. His second fight was against Zabit Samedov and didn't quite go as well, but he still showed promise. He's pumped the brakes a bit since then and this is him moving to that next level. There isn't a lot to say about Maurice Jackson than to ask where his record of 31-0 came from. It's fair to say that Vigney should win this, but Jackson is a big guy.

Originally slated to be Chi Lewis Parry vs. Everett Sims we now have Demoreo Dennis filling in. Dennis, you might remember, went the limit with Pat Barry earlier this year and most smart fans had their scorecards in favor of Dennis and not Barry in contrast to the judges. While Dennis has some holes in his game, he's been focused on it for longer and this is a big shot for him. Chi Lewis Parry talks a big game and his record in both kickboxing and MMA is impressive on paper right now, but we've still yet to see what he can really do against real competition. Dennis is a step up in competition for him and he can prove himself a bit here. 

It appears that Lewis Parry vs. Vigney is the fight that everyone wants to see in the finals, considering they were originally supposed to meet at a recent GLORY event until Vigney fell prey to a training injury. I think that Vigney wins no matter what, but there is still so little known about Lewis Parry that it is hard to really predict.

As for the SuperFight Series, well, there have been so many changes within the last 24 hours to that card that it feels unfair to come to any conclusions without research. There is, of course, not enough time to really research most of these fighters at this time, so just try to enjoy the fights.


Tyrone Spong Considers Himself the Bo Jackson of Combat Sports, But GLORY Can't Afford Him

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Tyrone Spong's rehabilitation since his horrific leg injury last year has involved him taking some boxing fights, but the question has been; how serious is this boxing career? When will he return to kickboxing? In this interview that popped up yesterday Spong talked about his boxing career as well as the outlook for MMA and kickboxing, which seems to be in a bit of a muddled place at the moment.

Spong claims that the organization that he fought for [GLORY] can't afford him right now, but it's clear that he'd like to fight for them again. It's clear to most that GLORY is in a period right now where they are focused on building up new stars and their television presence, so from their standpoint if Spong can't pull in the TV ratings that someone a lot cheaper can, it doesn't make sense to pay him a ton. It appears that they are deadlocked, which is unfortunate.


Benjamin Adegbuyi Out of GLORY 21, Will Challenge Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 22

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Originally slated for GLORY 21 was Anderson "Braddock" Silva vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi in a bout that was known in by insiders to be a #1 contender's bout where the winner would go on to face Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 22 in France. Adegbuyi was forced out of the fight due to a late leg injury and now according to GLORY he will be the contender for Verhoeven's Heavyweight Championship on June 5th in France.

It is an exciting fight considering that Adegbuyi has been a rising star within the Heavyweight kickboxing scene over the past few years, although I am pretty disappointed because the fight against Braddock was his biggest test to date. A win over Braddock would have left no doubts as to him deserving that shot. It looked like Mladen Brestovic would be filling in for Friday against Anderson "Braddock" Silva but it looks like for now that fight is on hold.

I kind of feel for Braddock here, always a bridesmaid and never the bride. Let's hope that he gets his shot soon as well.


Bill Goldberg Calls Out Frank Shamrock for Friday's GLORY 21

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GLORY 21 is a mere matter of days away, taking place this Friday evening on Spike TV and while the card seems pretty much set (barring injuries of possible visa issues), that doesn't stop former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg from calling out a possible foe for a fight. It was the hope of the organization to get a big-name feature bout for the show, first trying to lock down Bill Goldberg vs. Alberto Rodriguez (Alberto del Rio/Alberto el Patron/Dos Caras Jr.) only for Goldberg to claim he didn't want to take a fight that would sully the good things that GLORY has been building.

Now with two days left to go Goldberg has taken to Twitter and has found what he considers a proper opponent for himself; Frank Shamrock. Shamrock, a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion on top of holding titles in Strikeforce, WEC and Pancrase. The 42 year old Shamrock has been retired since 2010 now but it would be interesting to see him in a kickboxing exhibition bout against professional wrestler Bill Goldberg.

Since the show is two days away chances are slim that it is added, but hey, you never know, right?


Watch Xavier Vigney and Chi Lewis Parry Talk About the GLORY 21 Heavyweight Tournament

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Heading into GLORY 21's Heavyweight tournament this weekend the two names that keep coming up are Xavier Vigney and Chi Lewis Parry. In fact, they've been beefing a bit on twitter over the past few weeks. While they aren't facing each other in the first round of the tournament, both men are looking to pick up a win in the first round so that they can finally clash in the finals. The two were meant to meet previously, but Vigney was forced to pull out thanks to an injury.

GLORY sat down with both guys and released video of them talking about the tournament.

Xavier Vigney

Chi Lewis Parry


Check Out the GLORY 21 Countdown Featuring Levin and Marcus

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Bill Goldberg wasn't kidding when he said that he loves GLORY kickboxing. He's back again hosting a GLORY countdown show and this time he's helping the world get hyped up for the rematch between Simon Marcus and Artem Levin. Levin will be defending the GLORY Middleweight Championship against one of his main career-nemeses in Marcus but this time it's under GLORY rules and not Muay Thai.

GLORY 21 is on May 8th on Spike TV. 




GLORY 22 Card and Information Leaked

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GLORY 21 might be a week away but that doesn't mean that GLORY isn't preparing well into the future. Earlier today images began circulating for GLORY 22, including an almost complete fight card and location. It looks like GLORY will return to Europe in June and that it'll be in France. The event will be headlined by GLORY Heavyweight Champion defending against a still-unnamed challenger and a huge Lightweight tournament to top things off.

Interesting additions like Freddy Kemayo, Verlinden fighting back at Light Heavyweight and that awesome tournament definitely stand out.


Glory 21 Full Fight Card and Breakdown

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Glory 21 will be taking place in just 2 weeks time and the full card including super fights has now been announced. So what better time is there to breakdown some of fights?

Apart from the middleweight title fight it seems that Glory has brought in lots of new fighters for this show to test themselves in the Glory ring and hope a new North American star will emerge. Its really great they are giving opportunities for people to fight on a big promotion and on Live TV considering how hard it is to get noticed in Kickboxing.

Anyway on to the fights, lets start with the middleweight title fight between the champ Artem Levin and the challenger Simon Marcus. They have already fought each other once in 2009 at Lion Fight 9 with Muay Thai rules and Marcus won a very close fight with I'd say at least 70% of the fight taking in the clinch. After watching this fight again recently I really felt that Artem did not look himself at all, now this could very well be due to Simon's style in which case he will give him just as much trouble again. The Glory rules will not allow clinching for such extended periods of time but in their first fight Levin was initiating the clinch just as much as Marcus was and was even winning the clinch early in the fight, but what Artem stopped doing was moving. Simon Marcus is always going to move forward and if Levin moves straight back and doesn't fight like his usual self where he uses lots of angles he will risk losing a decision again. I am certain that Artem Levin has wanted this rematch with Kickboxing rules for some time, he has probably watched the first fight 100 times and knows exactly where he went wrong, now if he can overcome Simon's pressure and fight like he has been recently I am fairly confident he will remain the champion... But Simon Marcus ALWAYS seems to prove me wrong.

On to the Co-main event Ramond Daniels vs Justin Baesman, we won't spend too much time on this fight. Baesman has an MMA record of 16 wins and 7 losses with 4 wins by KO, according to the Glory site he is 17-6-1 in kickboxing but I can't seem to find any of his kickboxing fights. Pretty sure we can expect another wicked highlight reel KO from Mr. Daniels.

Now the heavyweight tournament which was supposed to be an all American affair with Xavier Vigney, Maurice Jackson, and Everett Sims but it seems that the big Englishman "Chopper" Chi Lewis-Parry has infiltrated the tournament after his 15 second KO at Glory 20.

Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson is a bit of a strange situation, at this point most kickboxing fans have seen or at least head of Vigney especially in America, he has solid boxing basics and of course he is a big dude so has KO power in both hands. Maurice Jackson also is a huge man at 6"9 and 275lbs his record on the Glory site is 31-0 with 23 ko's but once again I can only find one of his MMA fights online so they must be amateur. His MMA record is 2 wins 1 loss and 3 no contests, which leads me to believe we may see something strange during this fight. I'm going to go with Vigney by KO or DQ for this one.

Everett Sims vs "Chopper" Chi Lewis-Parry is interesting since we have a fresh image of both fighters from 2 previous Glory events. Sims who fought Vigney on Glory 19 didn't look too bad until Vigney started to swarm him and then he just started to turtle up. As for Chopper he just swarmed his opponent instantly and KO'd him in 15 seconds at Glory 20, just looking at these two variables it seems like a pretty rough match up for Sims, I'm going to predict an Xavier Vigney vs Chi Lewis-Parry final.

As for the super fights, Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva could easily be the fight of the night. Both guys always bring everything they have to the ring, and never have boring fights. I'm pretty sure a win for Adegbuyi should put him very close if not inline for a shot at Rico Verhoeven's belt. Both of these guys are very technical heavyweights with knockout power and great combos, I would personally lean towards a decision win for Benny just because he is the younger, Hungrier fighter.

Full card

Main Card on Spike TV

Middleweight Title Fight: Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus

Welterweight Co-Headline Bout: Raymond Daniels vs. Justin Baesman

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final: Chi Lewis-Parry vs. Everett Sims

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final: Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson

Middleweight Armed Forces Bout: Devin Goodale vs. Kyle Stewart

Super Fights

Heavyweight: Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva

Welterweight: Omari Boyd vs. James Steelesmith

Lightweight: Luis Castaneda vs. Ken Tran

Middleweight: Mike Lemaire vs. Armin Mrkanovic



Errol Zimmerman Taking Sabbatical From Kickboxing for Boxing

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It was perhaps a bit anticlimactic how the rematch between GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven and Errol Zimmerman ended at GLORY 20, but it's hard to ignore the impact that it'll have for the coming years in the Heavyweight division in kickboxing. The fight ended with Zimmerman down on the mat, grasping at his knee in what was a worst case scenario for a warrior like him. Zimmerman is a guy who prides himself as being tough and if he's going to lose a fight he's going to actually lose it, not go down to injury. Yet that is exactly what happened.

We knew that Zimmerman would be out for a while, but it looks like Zimmerman will be taking a year off from kickboxing and much like Tyrone Spong who suffered a horrific leg injury against Gokhan Saki last year, Zimmerman will be returning to the ring as soon as he's healthy but will be doing so in professional boxing instead of kickboxing. 

In an interview with Dutch FunX Zimmerman announced that he will need to take at least a year off from kickboxing to heal up his knee, but that he doesn't intend to just sit idly by and wait to return to the ring. Instead he'll focus on professional boxing much like we've seen from the likes of other GLORY stars like Marc de Bonte, Nieky Holzken and Tyrone Spong. Here's hoping that all goes well with his recovery and we get to see him in the ring again soon, even if it is a boxing ring.


GLORY Confirms That Phil Baroni Turned Down Schilling Fight at GLORY 21

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If you were looking forward to the Twitter clash of the titans turning into a kickboxing fight at GLORY 21 between Joe Schilling and Phil Baroni you'll be in for a bit of a disappointment today. As reported by our bud Michael Stets over at MMAMania, Phil Baroni has turned down the fight with Joe Schilling due to not feeling that there was enough time for him to prepare for the fight. 

It's a contrast from the words that Baroni was slinging over the past few days, but it looks like Baroni is asking for a full fight camp heading into a fight with Schilling. If we are honest with ourselves here, it's not asking too much to want a full camp before fighting Schilling in what would be considered his home turf of the GLORY ring, but then again, the beef was started by Baroni. Baroni does want this fight to happen in the future, but if we take a long, hard look at this fight it is more of a marketable fight for this moment in history, not in a few months when the heat will have died down and people will be asking the serious question as to why Joe Schilling, in his prime, is fighting a 38 year old man who has nothing left to prove.


Phil Baroni and Joe Schilling Beef Leading to a Possible Grudge Match

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If you were looking for a major lure for GLORY 21 and hadn't found it just yet this might be right up your alley. Joe Schilling stepped into the Bellator cage for the second time on Friday evening and while he demonstrated just how diverse his MMA game has become, he dropped what many considered a controversial decision to Rafael Carvalho. Seemingly out of nowhere, Phil Baroni decided to kick Schilling while he was down via Twitter and things got ugly in a hurry.

Usually that would be the end of this, but GLORY is still looking to fill out the rest of their GLORY 21 card and has an open spot in the co-main event right now. GLORY's CEO Jon J. Franklin took to Twitter and confirmed that they would be happy to house a fight between Baroni and Schilling.

We know that GLORY has been looking for a big fight for this card and was looking to book Bill Goldberg against Alberto el Patron/Del Rio, only for Goldberg to turn it down. Phil Baroni is an experienced MMA fighter who has recently been making the transition to professional wrestling, rumored to be a part of WWE's upcoming Tough Enough reality series. Schilling has far more experience at a higher level when it comes to kickboxing, although it is hard to argue against the experience that Baroni has had throughout his career. Baroni is also 38 years old and is transitioning away from professional fighting. 

Essentially this is not the fight for either man in their respective careers right now, but professional fighting tends to lack these big grudge matches and GLORY is clearly seeing the dollar signs and media attention that this could garner for them and is ready to hop onto it.

What do you think? Is this the right move for GLORY or should they hold course and err on the side of caution when it comes to fights like this?


GLORY 20 Ratings Falter But Show Signs of Hope

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In this modern age of the internet where live events are happening all around the world and being reported on in real-time it is often difficult to present an event on tape delay while retaining the excitement of a live sporting event. The magic of live sports is hard to recapture and many fight fans feel the same way when it comes to watching combat sports events on tape delay. Hell, Ariel Helwani on this week's episode of the MMA Hour even said that he didn't bother to watch because he doesn't like tape delay. 

So that's the kind of mindset that GLORY 20 had working against it. That being said, there was some good to take with the bad on the ratings for the event considering it being on an hour later than usual, airing via tape delay and losing the big draw of Pat Barry just a few weeks prior. According to Sports TV Ratings GLORY 20 averaged 359,000 viewers, which is down from GLORY 19's 528,000 considerably. While lower than usual, it was not the lowest ratings that GLORY have seen yet and actually beat out ESPN2's Friday Night Fights handily. 

The good to take away from this is that from what we've seen 350,000 viewers for GLORY on Spike seems to be the baseline, which for a sport that is relatively new to a major market like this is not a bad number at all. In the future, though, I would like to see GLORY veer away from these kinds of events that will end up on tape delay unless Spike TV is willing to air it live as well. While it's nice to claim to be a global promotion if the cost is running a show that didn't particularly draw much attention in the area and hurt ratings I don't think that it's worth the risk moving forward. 

While I'm sure that there were good reasons to run in Dubai (working with a local promoter, possible investment opportunities, etc.), it turned out to be a bit of a bust and if GLORY is truly dedicated to success in the United States market then they need to veer away from these prestige events in major international hubs unless they know that it will be a grand slam. 


Glory 20 Live Results *SPOILERS*

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Glory 20 is live STREAM INFO HERE. It will be played on tape delay in about 10 hours on SPIKE TV so if you are going to watch it then avoid scrolling down to see results.


Lightweight Title Bout:(C) Robin van Roosmalen def. Andy Ristie by Unanimous Dec

Middleweight Tournament Final: Simon Marcus def. Jason Wilnis by Unanimous Dec

Featherweight Title Bout: Gabriel Varga def. Mosab Amrani by Unanimous Dec

Middleweight Tournament semifinal: Jason Wilnis def Alex Pereira by Unanimous Dec

Middleweight Tournament semifinal: Simon Marcus def. Wayne Barrett by Unanimous Dec


Light heavyweight bout: Saulo Cavalari def. Artem Vakhitov by Split Dec

Light heavyweight bout: Mourad Bouzidi def. Dustin Jacoby by Unanimous Dec

Heavyweight bout: Chi Lewis Parry def. Yong-Su Park by KO Rd 1 (left uppercut)

Middleweight bout: Samir Boukhidous def. Mikhail Chalykh by TKO Rd 1 (right hand)

Welterweight bout: Chad Sugden def. Atakan Arslan by Unanimous Dec

Lightweight bout: Anatoly Moiseev def. Max Baumert by KO Rd 1 (right head kick)


Check Out Kountermove's GLORY 20 Offerings

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On Friday in Duabi GLORY 20 is set to go down featuring two world title fights and a huge Middleweight contender's tournament. Seriously, two world title fights on Spike TV, that is a pretty big deal. Robin van Roosmalen will look to defend the GLORY Lightweight championship against Andy Ristie and Gabriel Varga will fight Mosab Amrani for the vacant GLORY Featherweight title. Oh yeah and there is a Middleweight contender's tournament featuring Wayne Barrett, Simon Marcus, Jason Wilnis and Alex Pereira. 

If you are looking to test your mettle against the field when it comes to GLORY 20 look no further than on Kountermove where they have a variety of games up right now, including a $.10 to win $10 game, $.50 to win $100 game and $10 to win $400 game if you are feeling lucky. The first two are relatively no-brainers, you just sign up, add a small bit of money into your account and you can win actual money with that. Not a bad way to spend a few bucks, I'd say.

So let's take a look at some solid bets here.

  • Easy Money
  • Andy Ristie ($4800) -- It's not that Robin van Roosmalen doesn't have a chance to defend his title, it is that Andy Ristie is that damned good. The way that he moves, the angles that he uses, the way he's able to figure out his opponent and throw them off of his game all mixed in with his raw power makes him a beast to contend with. These two are dead even on Kountermove right now and you'd be silly to pick Robin here.
  • The Underdog
  • Artem Vakhitov ($4400) -- I think that Saulo Cavalari is amazing, but sadly for him, Artem Vakhitov might be a little bit more amazing. The fact that he's the underdog going into this fight is kind of crazy to me because Vakhitov is really the complete package for somebody as young as he is. I'd pick Vakhitov no matter what in this, but as an underdog? My god.
  • Too Close to Call
  • The Entire Tournament -- Look, this tournament is close and the values reflect that. My instincts tell me that Alex Pereira at $5300 takes the whole thing but then again, that doesn't feel like a safe bet at all because it's a tournament and anything can happen. Anything can happen and probably will happen. 

GLORY 20 Stream Information

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On Friday in Dubai GLORY 20 will take place on Friday. If you just can't wait then you can access the PPV streams for this event; one for the SuperFight Series and one for GLORY 20 proper.

The SuperFight Series begins at 10:30am Eastern time and GLORY 20 at 1pm Eastern. It is geo-blocked in the US and ex-Yugoslavia. So yeah, sorry.

SuperFight Series

Bill Goldberg Presents GLORY's Top Ten Knockouts This Friday on Spike TV

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It didn't take long for GLORY to get Bill Goldberg involved with the organization now, did it? This Friday, March 27th on Spike TV, GLORY will air GLORY's Top Ten Knockouts and it will be hosted by none other than Bill Goldberg. This behind-the-scenes footage shows Goldberg in his gym, training as well as talking about kickboxing and his love for the sport, the GLORY product and how there is no way that a combat sports fan who gives GLORY a chance would be able to turn it off.

It's interesting to see GLORY embracing professional wrestling like this considering that the UFC would have never gotten huge if it wasn't for The Ultimate Fighter directly following Monday Night Raw on Spike TV. Lots of combat sports purists might hate wrestling, but if Bill Goldberg can draw eyes to GLORY we'll take it.


Bill Goldberg Claims He Turned Down a Fight with Alberto Del Rio

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Bill Goldberg appeared on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour this afternoon and the sole purpose was for Bill Goldberg to talk about his relationship with GLORY. That relationship has been much-publicized over the past few months after GLORY learned about Goldberg's admiration for the sport of kickboxing and the organization itself. Goldberg, of course, still trains seriously and there has been talk about a possible fight between Goldberg and an unnamed opponent.

According to Goldberg on the show the fight that was offered to him was none other than Alberto Del Rio/Alberto el Patron/Rodriguez, or the guy that was formerly Dos Caras Jr. and fought Mirko Cro Cop. The fight was offered to Goldberg for May 8th but he decided that it wasn't the right direction that he'd like to see GLORY move in but remains steadfast that he wants to work with GLORY in some capacity, possibly even fight if the situation was right. Apparently a fight with Del Rio was a bit too much of a freakshow fight for him to justify it.

Goldberg reiterated that he is willing to do whatever it takes to work with GLORY and to help promote the brand, even if it means working in the front office, hosting shoulder programming or appearing as a commentator on events. While Goldberg's heyday in WCW was just under 20 years ago now he still commands a loyal following and has been involved in Mixed Martial Arts and sports since departing the WWE. It'll be interesting to see where this goes from here.


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Bill Goldberg in Front of a GLORY Logo

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They always say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, right? So how about this one?

Rumors of Bill Goldberg fighting for GLORY in an exhibition bout have been swirling around for the past few months and while nothing has been made official just yet, this photo tweeted out by GLORY this afternoon sure is telling us that there will be some level of involvement from the former WCW and WWE pro wrestler, MMA commentator, actor and NFL player Bill Goldberg. Even if that something is just in a promotional extent and not fighting, which I'm sure most people wouldn't mind.


Pat Barry Out of GLORY 20 -- Featherweight Title Fight Moves to Main Card

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For kickboxing fans there is some good news and some bad news regarding GLORY 20. The bad news is that Pat Barry vs. Mourad Bouzidi is officially off after Pat Barry suffered a hand injury while training for the upcoming fight. Bouzidi will still be on the GLORY 20 card but for now it looks like he'll be moved to the SuperFight Series undercard with a replacement opponent.

The good news is that the Featherweight Championship bout between Mosab Amrani and Gabriel Varga will no longer headline the SuperFight Series card and will instead be featured on the main card. That means that an astonishing two GLORY championships will be on the line for GLORY 20. The event, set to go down on April 3rd in Dubai, will air via tape delay on Spike TV that same evening.

GLORY has promised that Pat Barry will be booked on an upcoming card when he is healthy.


Video: Glory 20 Pre-fight Interviews with Mosab Amrani, Gabriel Varga, and Mourad Bouzidi

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Glory has begun releasing the pre-fight interviews for Glory 20 in Dubai. First up is the Canadian Gabriel Varga, who also did an Exclusive Liverkick interview which will be coming soon. Naturally the next interview is with his opponent the Moroccan/Dutch Mosab Amrani. After listening to what they both had to say, I can't help but think of how exciting this fight is going to be, I always enjoy a clash of styles in a fight especially when it involves height as well. Only thing I wonder is who will the winner defend his belt against? I feel Glory will have to sign some new featherweights.

The latest interview is with Mourad Bouzidi who seems to have been in Dubai for quite a while already to prepare for this fight. There have been lots of videos posted of him training like a beast for this fight, I get the feeling he REALLY does not want to lose to Pat Barry.


Glory 21 Announcement

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Glory 21 has officially been announced for May 8th at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. Wikipedia tells us that the arena holds 16, 100 people for mixed martial arts events if the whole arena is used, so this could be a huge show.

Artem Levin will be defending his title against the winner of the tournament at Glory 20 in Dubai. So it could be Jason Wilnis, Alex Pereira, Wayne Barrett or Simon Marcus anyone one of them against Levin will be an exciting fight as they all bring something different to the ring.

There is also an all American heavyweight tournament which will grant the winner entry into the Glory heavyweight contender tournament where the winner will fight Rico Verhoeven for the belt. The American heavyweights have yet to be announced.

Of course this will all be Live on Spike TV on Friday, May 8th. I'm so happy to see Glory announcing events more than a month before the show now and giving us all a chance to get excited and also more time to buy tickets.  [source]



Glory 19: A New Way Forward?

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(C) Glory Sports International

What I love most about the kickboxing community—and what I think redeems us regardless of what happens in the industry—is that we are all diehard fans of the sport who share a strong sense of ownership of it as well as a desire to see it succeed. This comes across very clearly in Joe Schilling’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast as well as Glory bigwig Ivan Farneti’s tweets and interviews—and hopefully, our work here at LiverKick. As writers, we’ve seen the sport go through challenging times and make many a false comeback, which poses great difficulty from an editorial standpoint. On the one hand, we feel obligated and committed to supporting the sport especially when it’s struggling to survive, which in the past—speaking for myself—has led me to cheerlead at the expense of my own personal doubts. 2011 was a particularly tumultuous year; I remember arguing passionately on the dark corners of the Internet that It’s Showtime would save kickboxing even when it became increasingly clear that the Dutch organization didn’t have the resources to do so. To this day I’m not entirely sure if I really believed it could, but at the time, when kickboxing seemed to be losing its last hope for legitimacy, it seemed like the right thing to believe. On the other hand, I think that willfully overlooking blatant problems and trying to paint a falsely optimistic picture of reality is dishonest. If these seem like conflicting motives, it’s because they are, and it’s why I support Glory today while still joining in the fandom’s shared confusion and doubt when it breaks its promises and disappears for three months.

Having said all of that, I believe Glory deserves all the credit in the world for what it accomplished in Virginia Beach at Glory 19. Something just felt right this time. The product finally showed signs of maturity, of beginning to break through its veil of obscurity into the peripheral consciousness of mainstream sports. For once, there was talk of Glory on combat sports blogs that was spontaneous and organic rather than forced—and genuine interest in fighters like Joe Schilling, Raymond Daniels, and Nieky Holzken. Glory turned in its second-highest ratings of all time—coming off of a 3 month hiatus! The Virginia Beach audience seemed energized and alive as if they actually knew what they had come to see. The fights and fighters delivered on every level, showcasing the intensity and technique of kickboxing to viewers tuning in for the first time. Even Mike Tyson seemed genuinely impressed, more so than he was probably paid to be.

Glory 19 set the tone of how it should conduct itself in 2015. If excess was the fault of Glory in its first two years of operations, then new CEO Jon Franklin is to be commended for making strategic and calculated decision-making Glory’s new credo. First, let’s talk Glory’s choice of venues. Since its return in October of 2014, Glory has targeted smaller, affordable venues in cheaper domestic markets over more prestigious venues in expensive locales such as Madison Square Garden. In addition to the cost of the venues themselves, touring through smaller communities has likely saved on lodging expenses and is likely a boon from a promotional standpoint through low cost grassroots partnerships with local gyms and media outlets. This is the model that regional pro wrestling has followed for decades and seems like the appropriate strategy for Glory at this point.

Next, let’s talk about the match-ups. What started out as a decent fight card with Rico Verhoeven, Errol Zimmerman, and Nieky Holzken turned into an event that was stacked from top to bottom, with later additions Joe Schilling and Andy Ristie considerably elevating the profile of Glory’s return to SpikeTV. Adding Schilling in particular was a smart move, capitalizing on his highly publicized knockout of Melvin Manhoef in MMA. It seems that Glory has finally realized the value of keeping its exciting fighters in the limelight and that it can put together a stacked fight card and deliver top tier entertainment without having to shell out for big ticket fighters like Gokhan Saki and Tyrone Spong, something which Jon Franklin indicated as a shift in strategy last year. The new approach is more economical and still effective, and while it may indicate an end to huge fighter paydays for now, it will help provide Glory with the staying power to find prosperity in the future.

Glory 19 also signaled a shift in Glory’s efforts to expand its fanbase, including new gimmicks like adding Mike Tyson as an “analyst” and featuring an amateur fight between two active military servicemen. While people may have mixed feelings about this, I interpret it as Glory seizing opportunities for self-promotion. The aggressiveness of these tactics is a welcome change, and as a fledgling promotion, it is precisely the style of marketing that it should have adopted from the start. Glory made a strong play to associate its brand with familiar things that people take seriously, from Iron Mike to the welfare of military veterans, and in both instances Glory put its fighters front and center. The veteran commercials in particular were a brilliant touch because they asserted that Glory exists in the real world rather than the void of late-night television. From this perspective, booking Goldberg could turn out to be a savvy move.

This is encouraging stuff from Glory, and the fact that Glory is still being talked about on the web demonstrates that its new strategies are working. The ratings are also encouraging, and with rumors circulating of SpikeTV planning a stronger push back into combat sports, the future may begin to look up for kickboxing. That said, it is up to Glory to keep the momentum going; it has had promising starts in the past only for long hiatuses to kill the hype. Dubai is an interesting destination for Glory in April, perhaps representing increased international interest and investment in the brand. That said, given Glory’s astute move to Friday nights, it will be interesting to see how the significant time zone difference between the United States and the Middle East will be negotiated.



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