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Andy Ristie Dethrones Giorgio Petrosyan in R3

  • Written by Dave Walsh


If there was an improbability it was for Giorgio Petrosyan to lose. If there was something that was nearly impossible it was Giorgio Petrosyan losing via Knockout, yet, yet... Here we are and Giorgio Petrosyan has been knocked out in Round 3 by Andy Ristie. Andy Ristie was applying lots of pressure in the first round with Petrosyan not able to find his rhythm until the very end. The second round saw a lot of the same with Petrosyan in control, but not able to find his rhythm.

Round three was do or die for Ristie and Andy Ristie just rushed out there like a bat out of hell but it wasn't enough to put Petrosyan down. Then Ristie landed a huge right hand that had Petrosyan stunned only for him to follow it up with a combination of a right, left and another left that finished it. Petrosyan went down and Andy Ristie had done the impossible.

GIF by ZombieProphet.

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