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Yokkao PSA: Muay Thai Doesn't Smoke

  • Written by Dave Walsh


Our friends at Yokkao do a lot for Muay Thai and are committed to not only helping move forward their brands and fighters, but the sport of Muay Thai as well. That is the kind of stuff that we need to see more of with Kickboxing and Muay Thai for them to truly grow and become more than fringe spots with enthusiastic fans and great athletes.

Yokkao Extreme promoter Stefania Picelli stated that Yokkao Boxing is one of the premier and most popular brands in all of Muay Thai and that they regularly receive messages from fans and fighters asking for advice on training and healthy living. One of the easiest ways to ensure better health is to avoid smoking, which damages your lungs and creates a whole slew of health problems as well as limits one's ability to perform.

She also urges to look forward for Yokkao Boxing to speak about more social issues in the future and encourages everyone to "Share" and "Like" this photo on Facebook.

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