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Next SuperKombat New Heroes on March 23 in Brazil

  • Written by Rian Scalia

SuperKombat started off their New Heroes series on February 23 in Optaija, Croatia, where four heavyweight fighters qualified for future SuperKombat events. The next edition of SuperKombat New Heroes is on March 23 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The event is being put on with WGP Kickboxing and will feature a four man heavyweight tournament, with the winner qualifying for SuperKombat. The tournament sees K-1 participant Saulo Calavari fight Edson Lima in one semi final, with Felipe Micheletti fighting Argentina's Rogelio Ortiz in the other semi final.

There will also be a 75kg fight to qualify for SuperKombat as well. Bellator veteran Thiago Michel will be in the bout against Romanian SuperKombat veteran Miodrag Olar. Both fighters that qualify for SuperKombat will qualify for a SuperKombat World Grand Prix event from May 18 onwards.

As well, Brazil's best 85kg kickboxer Alex Sandro Pereira will be back in action after losing to Jason Wilnis at It's Showtime Brazil. He will be taking on Cesar Almeida for the 85kg Brazillian title under K-1 rules.

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