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Giorgio Petrosyan Signs With Glory, Will Fight in May

  • Written by Dave Walsh

PetroSometimes I am legitimately taken aback at how certain organizations do business or deal with branding. The branding for the Golden Glory shows has always been confusing to say the least, with the word 'Glory' being involved every time, but the rest seems to fluctuate on a regular basis. The Glory World Series events are set to be Glory's flagship shows, featuring the world's top kickboxers in association with Glory and Total Sports Asia.

There is a new Facebook profile associated with the Glory World Series, titled Glory Sports International, which is indeed official. This is pretty much my point when it comes to branding, as there is yet another "brand name" being tossed around and I'm not quite sure which name to use to discuss the shows. Regardless of brand confusion, there will be three big tournaments taking place this year under the Glory banner; Heavyweight, 85kg and 70kg, and it appears that fears of the tournaments not having top talent might be on hold for a while, as they announced that Giorgio Petrosyan has signed with Glory Sports International to compete in the Glory World Series.

This will without a doubt mean that the 70kg tournament has the best fighter in the weight class under contract, and according to their post he is set to fight in May. It'll be interesting to see if they can secure the Artist Formerly Known as Buakaw Por Pramuk and see the consensus number one and number two involved in the same tournament.

While this clears up some questions about the Glory series, it does make one wonder about the K-1 MAX scene. If there are any plans for a K-1 World MAX tournament this year, the omission of Giorgio Petrosyan would be a glaring hole in the division and crush the legitimacy of the tournament. Hopefully we'll see Petrosyan competing against the best in the world no matter what and not see a fractured Kickboxing world.

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