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Weekend Results: Lerdsilla Scores Big at Lion Fight 36, Jaraya Attacks Judge at Enfusion Live 49

On top of GLORY 40, there were other big kickboxing and muay thai events that deserve our time and attention, so let's get right to them. First, on Friday evening was Lion Fight 36 which was live on AXS TV. As always, it featured some of the top names on the international muay thai circuit battling it out in the United States.

LION FIGHT 36 Official Results

Main Event - Lightweight Fight - Ledsila Phuket (184-31-5) knocked out Jacob Hebeisen (0-1) with a head kick at 2:16 in round two.

Co-Main Event - Cruiserweight Fight - Paul Banasiak (5-0) remained undefeated, beating Brett Hlavacek (17-5) by unanimous decision (49-48, 49-46, 48-47).

Middleweight Fight - Amadeu Christiano (52-16) outlasted D.C. Pratt (20-6) to win by unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45)

Super Cruiserweight Fight - Chip Moraza-Pollard (4-0) defeated Matt Coleman (1-2) via TKO at 0:30 in round three

Middleweight Fight - Eddie Abasolo (8-1) scored a TKO victory over P.J. Sweda (2-2) at 1:36 in round five.

Lightweight Fight - Amine Ballafrikh (8-4) out-struck Jonathan George (2-1, 1 NC) to win by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

Across the Atlantic was Enfusion Live #49 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. This one was, well, interesting. In terms of big happenings, there were a few that immediately impact the LiverKick rankings when we tabulate them next; El Boustati beat Filip Verlinden, Yassin Baitar defeating Jonay Risco and in non-ranked madness, Mohammed Jaraya, one of the promotion's big stars, lost a controversial, extra round decision to Reduoan Laarkoubi. It doesn't end there, though. MMAPlus has screen caps from the event showing a distraught Jaraya leave the ring, then attack the lead judge after the decision was rendered.

This one thing will most likely overshadow the rest of the event, perhaps even the rest of Jaraya's young career to date. Simply stated: you do not attack officials. Both Badr Hari and Jamal Ben Saddik have attacked downed opponents (curiously enough, both did it to Hesdy Gerges), but even then, it was another competitor. While poor showings on the part of both fighters (twice for Badr, by the way), it was still against another competitor, someone who was trained to step into the ring and fight them. Judges and referees, while known to make bad calls at times, are not trained in-ring competitors, at least not the ones that fighters should be concerned with. Hell, if Jaraya smacked one of his opponent's cornermen even that would be out of line but somewhat understandable. 

Enfusion Live 49 

Ibrahim El Boustati (R3 - Decision) Filip Verlinden 

Luis Tavares (R1 - KO) Mohamed Boubkari 

Tayfun Ozcan (R2 - KO) Nordin Ben Moh 

Redouan Laarkoubi (Ext.R - Dec) Mohammed Jaraya 

Yassin Baitar (R3 - Dec) Jonay Risco 

Andre Schmeling (Ext.R - Dec) Hicham Achalhi 

Khadija Charradi (Ext.R - Dec) Essilia Wurms 


GLORY 40 Live Results

Glory 40 Copenhagen goes down today, live from Denmark featuring GLORY Middleweight Champion Jason Wilnis looking to defend against former champion and one of the best in the world in Simon Marcus. Jay is in the arena with his brother, so follow @LiverKickdotcom for updates where I'll be talking about the fights live.

SuperFight Series (FightPass)

Yuhang Xie (R3 - Dec) Chris Mauceri

Josh Jauncey (R2 - TKO) Antonio Gomez

Freddy Kemayo (R2 - TKO) Imad Hadar

Mohammed El-Mir (R3 - Dec) Simon El Santana

Jamie Bates (R3 - Dec) Richard Abraham  


Tournament: Yousri Belgaroui (R3 - Dec) Agron Preteni

Tournament: Alex Pereira (R3 - TKO) Burim Rama

Niclas Larsen (R3 - Dec) Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai

Tournament Final: Yousri Belgaroui (R3 - Dec) Alex Pereira

GLORY Middleweight Championship: Simon Marcus (R5 - Split Dec) Jason Wilnis (C) 


LiverKick Rankings Update: April, 2017 -- Not Much Changes

The LiverKick Rankings are usually updated quarterly, but honestly, not much was changing so we held off until the end of this month and even then, not much has really changed.

Heavyweight is literally untouched. Light Heavyweight was pretty much untouched until this past weekend when Michael Duut, who felt like a wild card in the first place, fell to Fred Sikking, with Sikking taking a coveted spot in the top five thanks to that knockout and everyone else getting bumped down. Middleweight saw minor, minor changes thanks to Alex Pereira defeating Israel Adesanya.

At Welterweight Karim Ghajji defeated Zoltan Laszak for the Bellator Kickboxing Welterweight Championship, earning his number ten spot back and knocking Zoltan out of the rankings. At Lightweight Jonay Risco's win over Tayfun Ozcan gave him another chance at the rankings while Ozcan dropped down. Featherweight is perhaps where the most movement has happened thanks to the recent K-1 tournament that Wei Rui won. Ren Hiramoto's performance leading into the finals also saw him added to the rankings, as did Gonnapar's recent run. That meant that a few solid names had to drop and some were dropped completely, including GLORY's last Featherweight Champion in Robin van Roosmalen. That means for the first time a GLORY champion (or at least should-be champion) is not represented in one of the weight classes. It is not indicative of van Roosmalen's talent (as he clearly belongs in this division as one of the top fighters), but more that at one point many of the top names at Featherweight did compete in GLORY but left for K-1 Japan, Kunlun and other, outside organizations. Thanks to how competitive the division is, GLORY's division has been completely wiped off of the face of the rankings.

We should also note there has been talk of establishing Strawweight rankings to reflect the competitive realm that is 55kg at the moment. 

LiverKick Rankings Updated on 4/25/2017

Heavyweight (Per 4/25)

1 Rico Verhoeven
2 Benjamin Adegbuyi
3 Roman Kryklia
4 Jamal Ben Saddik
5 Ismael Londt
6 Mladen Brestovac 
7 Jahfarr Wilnis 
8 Fabio Kwasi 
9 Guto Inocente 
10 Anderson "Braddock" Silva 


Heavyweight (Per 4/25)

1 Artem Vakhitov
2 Saulo Cavalari
3 Zack Mwekassa 
4 Mourad Bouzidi 
5 Fred Sikking *
6 Michael Duut v
7 Danyo Ilunga v
8 Roman Kryklia v
9 Fabio Kwasi v
10 Mladen Kujundzic v
Middleweight (Per 4/25)

1 Jason Wilnis 
2 Simon Marcus 
3 Artem Levin 
4 Alex Pereira ^
5 Israel Adesenya v
6 Filip Verlinden v
7 Joe Schilling 
8 Dustin Jacoby 
9 Cedric Doumbe 
10 Fang Bian 
Welterweight (Per 4/25)

1 Cedric Doumbe 
2 Nieky Holzken 
3 Artur Kyshenko 
4 Murthel Groenhart
5 Alexander Stetsurenko
6 Dmitry Valent 
7 Hicham El Gaoui 
8 Raymond Daniels 
9 Yoann Kongolo 
10 Karim Ghajji *
Lightweight (Per 4/25)

1 Superbon Banchamek
2 Sitthichai
3 Robin van Roosmalen 
4 Giorgio Petrosyan
5 Marat Grigorian 
6 Cedric Manhoef 
7 Wu Xuesong 
8 Jonay Risco *
9 Dylan Salvador 
10 Tayfun Ozcan v
Featherweight (Per 4/25)

1 Kaew Weerasakreck
2 Qiu Jianliang 
3 Wei Rui *
4 Ren Hiramoto *
5 Gonnapar Weerasakreck *
6 Ilias Bulaid v
7 Hideaki Yamazaki v
8 Masaaki Noiri v
9 Minoru Kimura v
10 Melsik Baghdasaryan *


* - New Addition

^ - Moved Up

v - Moved Down


The rankings are living rankings that have existed in one form or another since 2009. After the initial rankings were tabulated, they moved on from there. If one fighter beats a fighter ranked above them, they take their place. If a new fighter is introduced, that means that said fighter is ranked above whomever he beat, moving everyone else down. 

Fighters can drop or move up in the rankings without losing or winning, depending on the division in general. After 12 months of inactivity, or if a retirement is announced, fighters can be removed from the rankings. These rankings are also at our discretion.


World Fighting League Results: Peter Aerts Wins Retirement Bout

The Dutch Lumberjack, also known as Mr. K-1, Peter Aerts retired on Sunday in the Netherlands. After a host of prior "retirement" fights this one seems to be the actual final fight of the three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. All of it happened under Melvin Manhoef's WFL banner, with his promotion doing its best to capture the It's Showtime feel and filling that void left by It's Showtime being absorbed by GLORY years ago. Aerts defeated his opponent, Nordine Mahieddine, via a decision, then posed in the ring with other multi-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champions and legends Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost and Remy Bonjasky. 

Other notable results involve Errol Zimmerman losing to Murat Aygun, Fred Sikking defeating Michael Duut by KO, Brian Douwes winning the 95kg tournament, William Diender winning the 70kg tournament and Ertugal Bayrak beating Darrel Sichtman to win the 86kg tournament. 

Results via Kakutougi

Full Results

WFL SuperFights

Peter Aerts defeats Nordine Mahieddine by Decision

Murat Aygun defeats Errol Zimmerman by Decision

Fred Sikking defeats Michael Duut by KO

Tarik Khbabez defeats Gokhan Gedik by Decision

Anissa Haddaoui defeats Ilona Wijmans by Decision

Younes Smaili defeats Jackie Dings by Decision

Rodney Faverus Glunder defeats Dennis Stolzenbach by Decision

Ilsury Hendrikse defeats Samantha van Doorn by Decision


70kg Tournament - Final

William Diender defeats Redouan Daoudi by TKO


70kg Tournament - SemiFinals

Redouan Daoudi defeats Warren Stevelmans by Decision

William Diender defeats Michael Benben


86kg Tournament - Final

Ertugrul Bayrak defeats Darryl Sichtman by Decision


86kg Tournament - SemiFinals

Ertugrul Bayrak defeats Errol Koning by Decision

Darryl Sichtman defeats Dennis Ipema by Decision


95kg Tournament - Final

Brian Douwes wins by default (Ibrahim el Bouni out due to injury)


95kg Tournament - SemiFinals

Brian Douwes defeats Redouan Cairo by Decision

Ibrahim el Bouni defeats Fabio Kwasi by KO



Donovan Wisse defeats Jay Overmeer by Decision

Kevin van Heeckeren defeats Karim Lahboub by Decision

Joey Mezieres defeats Akin Kocak by Decision



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